Digital fabric printing technology pioneer, Epson is displaying its 16 channel Monna Lisa Evo Tre 32, the first digital printer capable of hosting up to 16 different colours at ITMA 2019. This important technological evolution provides printers with a colour range that comes close to traditional printing. The 16 channel Monna Lisa Evo Tre 32 has an external rack which can be positioned adjacent to the machine wherever is most convenient. This rack houses up to 16 different Genesta Acid ink packs and allows the printer to use a wide range of colours, including special colours or custom treatments.

Expanded colour range and increased customisation. The first digital printer to provide up to 16 colours, the 16 channel Monna Lisa Evo Tre 32 offers a free and wide colour-selection. It is possible to use standard Genesta Acid inks (Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta, Rubine, Blue, Cobalt, Cyan, Grey, Black), with Genesta Fluorescent colours (Flavine and Pink) and the new Genesta Brown and Navy Blue. In this way printing companies can produce both sportswear and beachwear (Fluorescent colours) and other textile markets (spot colours) with the same printer.

Those who use Across liquid to obtain perfect colour penetration on fabrics that require equal colour brightness on either side (such as silk scarves) can still use all colours available and the finished product’s quality will be far higher.

The 16 channel Monna Lisa Evo Tre 32 – Key Points:

  • 16 channel configuration: The external rack can be loaded with up to 16 Genesta Acid inks.
  • Maximum versatility: Having 16 different channels enables a wider colour range and avoids losing colours when using special inks (such as Genesta Fluorescent), spot colours (such as Genesta Brown and Navy Blue) or ink penetration liquid (Across).
  • Print quality: New inks further improve to the print’s appearance – especially in critical tones and large single-colour areas
  • Adaptability: Ability to use two black channels while keeping all other colours
  • Printheads: 32 Epson PrecisionCore Printheads. PrecisionCore printing technology is the latest evolution of Epson’s Micro Piezo proprietary printing technology. The latest generation MicroTFP print chip combines quality, accuracy and speed.
  • Productivity: Standard 8 colour configuration up to 692 sqm/h (300x600dpi, 1 pass); 16 channel configuration up to 440 sqm/h (300×600 dpi).
  • Resolution: Up to 1200dpi.
  • Width: 180cm /220cm/320cm
  • Ink channels: Up to 16
  • Ink types: Genesta Acid, Reactive, Disperse and Pigment. Genesta water-based inks allow precision and colour fastness in fabric prints. Genesta inks obtain the highest quality on any fabric type.
  • Ink capacity: 3 litres