The fibres to accessories trade show; YFA 2019 which was held from 30 May to 1 June, 2019 at Panchratna Sanskrutik Bhawan in Ichalkaranji, saw 3,869 quality buyers. A majority of the 41 top class exhibitors participated at the show also expressed huge satisfaction with the numbers as well as the quality of the buyers. In YFA Ichalkaranji edition mostly companies showcased innovative yarns, fibers, fabrics and garment accessories.

The exhibitor list included the who’s who of the Indian and global textile industry from the textile value-chain beginning from fibres till garment accessories, including the likes of Reliance Industries Limited, Sanathan Textiles Pvt. Ltd., DNH Spinners Pvt. Ltd., Bhilosa Industries Pvt. Ltd.,Vardhman Textiles Limited, RSWM Ltd, JB Ecotex LLP, Sitaram Spinners, JP Modatex LLP, Shree Damodar Yarn, Arvind Group, Kennigton Industries, Nimish Syntex, MCX India, Sowtex Network, and many others.

These companies exhibited and a few even launched the most innovative and latest developments in value-added textile products like speciality fibres, multifunctional yarns, polyester yarns, cotton yarns, bamboo fabrics, silk Yarn, modal fabrics, woven fabrics, and several unique garment accessories.

Among the visitors who visited YFA 2019, included decision makers like Owners, Sourcing Head’s, Purchase Manager’s, export houses & domestic manufacturers. These esteemed visitors came from composite mills, spinning mills, weavers, yarn agents, exporters, trading houses, designers, retail chains, etc. from various textile and apparel hubs like, Ichalkaranji, Malegaon, Kolhapur, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Belgaum etc.

Ajay Dattani, Managing Director, Sanathan Textiles Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai said, “Sanathan Textiles is India’s leading cotton and polyester yarn manufacturing company. Here in YFA Ichalkaranji we showcased Cotton Yarns & Polyester yarns. We got very good response as our stall has been visited by major fabric and garment manufacturers. “This exhibition will empower the local traders in engaging with the sellers and give enough opportunities in diversifying the business interests,” he stated.

Speaking about his experience, Sandeep Sharma, Marketing Head at JB Ecotex LLP said, “We have had genuine as well as decision makers visiting our booth. We also have been able to make new contacts through this show.” “We met many new as well as existing buyers. Most of all, it was satisfying once again, revive relations with buyers who used to purchase from our mills earlier. We send our best wishes for the success of the YFA show in 2020,” Sandeep Rohilla, President (Yarn Marketing) at Bhilosa Industries Private Limited, Mumbai said.

Vibhor Beriwala, Director at Sitaram Spinners Pvt. Ltd., also added, “Overall, we are highly satisfied and happy with our presence at the YFA show at ichalkaranji as we have had a good number of buyers visiting our stall. Our products have been well received by buyers and most of those who visited our stall, were genuine and technically knowledgeable visitors, so it was a pleasure interacting with them.”

Bhikulal Marda, Chairman of Arvind Cotsyn (India) Limited, added, “We are very happy and satisfied with our participation at the YFA 2019 show. We have seen a steady stream of buyers visiting our stall for all 3 days, not just from Ichalkaranji, Belgaum or Western India, but also other parts of India, which includes, weavers, buying houses, exporters, etc.”

Luv Jain, Manager, Branding (RSWM Ltd), Noida observed, “We had a good experience at the YFA 2019 show. The response has been very encouraging for us, as we also met new buyers, who came from various parts of the country like Ichalkaranji, Belgaum, Mumbai, etc. I am sure this show will give the much needed boost to the textile industry.”

“We are producers of various qualities of yarns and fabrics and regularly participate at the YFA Show at different venues. It is a very good exhibition as we met a lot of existing, old and also several new buyers. We have had genuine and new visitors visiting our stall, due to which, we are satisfied with our participation at the show,” Harish Bhatia, VP (Marketing), Vardhman Textiles Limited stated.

“We thank all the participating exhibitors as well as those who visited the show for making Ichalkanaji’s first ever edition of YFA extremely successful. The 2019 Ichalkaranji edition saw participation of 41 exhibitors. The show was visited by 3,869 quality buyers, which is a considerable high number at a time,” the organizer duo of Abhishek Sharma and Ankur Goel said.

“As in the earlier editions, this time too, we have noted all the observations made by exhibitors and visitors and will implement them in the 2019 edition of YFA at other venues, to make participation of exhibitors and visits of buyers more successful. We look forward to welcoming back all participating exhibitors and the buyers for the YFA 2019 show at Ludhiana, Bhilwara and Panipat too,” they stated.

Among visitors and buyers who came to show, I came across new yarn developments, Arun Goenka, Managing Director, Vishnu Textiles Corporation said, “My experience has been excellent. I came here by the invitation of organizers and some of my vendors. It is an excellent expo in Ichalkaranji with all top quality exhibitors. I came across some new yarn developments. I am very glad I have visited the YFA 2019 show.”

“We came here looking for new yarns. Our experience has been very good. This visit will help us source all these raw materials for our manufacturing unit. The YFA Show has proved to be a one-stop platform for all our sourcing needs,” Ashok Kumar Baheti, Alaukik, Ichalkaranji, which is fabric manufacturing company and which has recently expanded its manufacturing unit added.

According to Ashish Sonthalia, Director, Navdurga Yarns LLP, he had a great time, as he came across new yarn, which he has been seeking since a long time and that was really a great experience and look forwards to again visiting the next edition. Sonthaliya came to YFA 2019 mainly to see new and unique yarn and fabrics, as their customers keep demanding new products from different yarns.

“We are yarn merchants and my experience has been very good at the YFA 2019 show. I came here looking for innovative and new yarns and I was able to find a good variety of yarns at almost every stall who exhibited here, I am glad I came here and will surely visit the next edition too,” Sanjay Kumar Birla, Director, Ramgopal Birla Textile Pvt. Ltd., Ichalkaranji stated.

Gorakhnath Sawant from Sawant Textile, Ichalkaranji, who is a weaver came to YFA 2019 to see new yarns and fabrics and came across fabric samples made from innovative yarns at stalls of RSWM, GTX Pvt. Ltd. and Vardhman. “After seeing the sample fabrics at the stalls of the companies, we too now have interest in weaving those fabrics and may buy yarns from which the fabric samples have been produced,” Sawant observed.