Polygiene, the world leader in stays fresh technologies, is for first time launching unique performance socks treated with Polygiene Stays Fresh technology and Polygiene Odor Crunch, with Korean partner Vtinon. The socks will address both odours coming from bacterial growth and surrounding sources. They will be launched in women and men’s styles this month.

“We are excited to see these premium socks with the Polygiene combination product be the first to launch – with a number of brands to follow. Vtinon has produced 2,00,000 pairs with the combination product this year and will continue expanding next year with up to a tenfold increase in volumes,” said Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene.

Polygiene is the world-leading provider of odour control technology and stays fresh solutions for clothing, sports equipment, lifestyle, textiles and other materials to help people stay fresh and confident. Polygiene brings the Scandinavian values of quality and care for the environment to life through its products and services. More than 140 global premium brands have chosen to use Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology in their products.