Spoorthi Technologies founded in 2006 is the brainchild of Ramesh Ganduri, a technocrat turned entrepreneur who understands the textile printing industry and technology inside out. Spoorthi is an endeavor to deliver quality screen printing technology to the garment clusters of INDIA through supply of most appropriate screen printing machineries from Roq Portugal and accessories at prices that are economical yet highly sophisticated.

Its services are focused on ensuring that what customers get is world class in its purest form. From selecting the most appropriate machines to procuring the right kind of accessories and support Spoorthi walks with customers at every stage. After successfully catering to printing industry in India, the company has recently diversified its product portfolio by becoming selling agent of Audaces for all India market.

Audaces is world renowned for technological innovation in the fashion industry. For more than 25 years, it has created solutions that are easy-to learn, use and maintain, which accelerate fashion creation, development and production. It also fulfills the needs of other industries such as upholstery, shoes, furniture, transportation and other flexible materials. It is partner and facilitator; and knows that every client has a challenge, so it offers solutions that adapt to different needs. It is global leader in Latin America and is present in over 70 countries around the world. More than 40,000 fashion professionals use the products of Audaces daily. The company innovates starting at the development of accessible solutions, guaranteeing the deployment of the technology in an agile manner at companies of all sizes. The multi solution Audaces360 is a complete software suite that offers solutions for collection planning, technical drawing and tech pack, 3D designing, pattern digitizing and pattern making, automatic marker making.

Cut Room 4.0 offers the best technology compatible with the latest standard of Industry 4.0 with automatic spreader and automatic cutter, including an innovative and exclusive solution for managing the cutting room.To innovate is in Audaces’ DNA. Its goal is to help your company produce more and better. Regardless of size, style or geographical location. With solutions from Audaces, your company can increase design, increase productivity, improve product quality and save resources.