Cabot Hosiery has begun work on a major expansion that will see it increase its employee numbers and ramp up its capacity of its renowned Darn Tough brand of fine gauge socks. The Vermont-based firm is adding a new 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in nearby Waterbury this year and expects to have 100 people working at the site by 2021.

CEO Ric Cabot told, that the new facility was part of a five-year growth plan. Cabot is currently growing at around 25 per cent per year and expects to sell around eight million pairs of socks this year. The company’s headquarters and existing sock factory will stay in Northfield, said Cabot with the expansion helping to strengthen the company. “We’re doing this to fund our growth, but it’s also for the long term,” Cabot said. “It’s for the prosperity and job security of the people who have been with us all these years.”

Darn Tough also recently spent $2.5 million updating its headquarters to increase the company’s space for manufacturing and internet fulfillment. Darn Tough socks are designed, tested and manufactured in Northfield and come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. The company claims that its products are distinguished from industry competitors by 100 per cent USA manufacturing; small-needle knitting which results in more stitches per inch and exceptional durability and cushioning.

Made from either Merino or Coolmax blends, the knitting techniques used to produce Darn Tough sock create form fitting toe boxes and sculpted heel pockets with knit-in elastic support at the arch. The company also uses fine gauge technology, which results in more stitches per inch and increased cushioning and durability. The open knit mesh construction is described as lightweight and extremely breathable while the ribbed knit allows form fitting to the contours of the calf, shin and ankle ensuring a custom fit. The cushion socks also have dense terry loops on the bottom of the foot producing cushioning and warmth without bulk and terry loops surrounding the toe to create a comfortable invisible seam.