The American (New York) start-up AlgiKnit won 100,000 euro in the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2018. During the final, 26-year-old Tessa Callaghan impressed the international jury with her environmentally-friendly ‘seaweed textile,’ a kelp (a type of seaweed) which is spun into yarn. In addition to AlgiKnit, LettUs Grow from the UK and AquaBattery from The Netherlands will take the same amount home. The first prize of half a million euro goes to the air bubble curtain developed by The Great Bubble Barrier from The Netherlands. The runner-up prize of 200,000 euro is for the textile recycle marketplace founded by Estonian start-up Reverse Resources. This brings the total prize pool of one of the biggest sustainability competitions in the world to 1 mn euro. In addition to the prize money, all five finalists will receive six months of expert coaching to improve the likelihood of their businesses succeeding.