Leading German circular knitting machine manufacturer Mayer & Cie. has confirmed that it has received the first repeat orders for its revolutionary spinitsystems, combined spinning and knitting technology. Speaking at recent ITMA Asia + CITME exhibition in Shanghai, a buoyant Michael Tuschak, Head of Marketing and Sales for spinitsystems, told: “We are thrilled to tell you that we have now received the first repeat order for our game changing spinitsystems technology.”

Tuschak declined to name the customer who had placed the repeat order, or even name the country where the new machinery would be installed, preferring to comment: “We cannot name names for reasons of confidentiality, but we can say that we are now active in Latin America, India and Taiwan, with Spinit – and of course, now China.”

As well as the Spinit 3.0 E machine itself, a range of garments made using the technology was on show, exhibiting the characteristic Spinit soft handle fabrics. Applications included nightwear and T-shirts and other leisurewear items.

The Spinit 3.0 E spinning and knitting machine was presented for the first time ‘in the flesh’ in China at this year’s ITMA Asia + CITME. Michael Tuschak, said that Mayer & Cie. had anticipated strong interest in the spinning and knitting technology, because of its relevance in established textile markets such as China, and expectations had been exceeded.

With spinitsystems, knitted fabrics are manufactured not from yarn but straight from fibre based rovings. The three process steps of spinning, cleaning and knitting are combined in one machine and the rewinding process that was previously required has been eliminated. The single jersey knit production process can therefore be shortened significantly.

According to the company, fewer machines are needed, capital expenditure is reduced, significant space and energy savings can be made, and yarn storage can be reduced whilst less waste is produced. Production costs overall can be reduced considerably and the reduction in CO2 emissions makes a valuable contribution towards sustainability, Mayer & Cie. claims.

“The unique quality, the so-called Spinit Look & Feel, is a result of the false-twist spinning process in which the fibre roving is processed directly into knitwear. The fibres are knitted directly into loops gently and without twisting. High-quality single jersey knitwear is produced with totally new properties: Fabulously soft, fluffy and even, with a luxurious sheen and without spirality after washing,” Mayer & Cie. explains on its website.”

Mayer & Cie. focused entirely on electronic machines at this year’s ITMA Asia & CITME. In addition to the Spinit 3.0 E, the company also showed its OVJA1.6 EE 3/2 WT shoe upper machine and its OVJA 2.4 EC electronic jacquard machine.