India, which is emerging as a global textile hub with huge potential, needs to develop man-made fibre to remain competitive in the global market and it aims to be a $350 bn industry by 2025, industry officials said. “It is high time that the industry changes its approach to move into the second growth phase and aim for exports of around $100 bn from the current $40 bn,” Textiles Secretary Ajit B Chavan said at the CII Texexcel 2019, the National Textiles 4.0 Summit here. “We need to come up with detailed plans that can take the industry to its next level. All these years we have focused on more production scale, but now the focus has to be on quality and other aspects to improve our competitiveness,” he added. In view of the US China trade war, India needs to create a level playing field for local players and protect the domestic industry.