A zestful show littered with fresh initiatives

The Shanghai edition welcomed 151 high-caliber suppliers with wide-ranging offerings from fabrics lace, accessories,embroidery, OEM&OEM, machinery, fibres and textile designers. Notably, 55 per cent of the suppliers have engaged their manufacturing process and products towards sustainability.Meanwhile, acceptance of low MOQ was proposed by more than 20 per cent of the suppliers.Exhibitors from mainland China accounted for 70 per cent of the exhibitors and the rest was taken up by international exhibitors, together representing 16 countries and regions.

Though the show dates were brought forward one month earlier than the previous editions, visitor flow remained steady and strong as 2017, while the quality, as endorsed by the suppliers, were once again ensured at its premium level where all the attendees had been validated as industry professionals. In this edition, 75 per cent of the visitors are from China and 25 per cent goes to the rest of the world among which Japan, Korea, USA, Indonesia and Spain registered increases in number. The top 10 visiting countries were China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, US, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Standing at the heart of the show, Concepts Paris made a voyage of the Trend Forumwith inspirations from the world as a global village, and hand-picked spectacular pieces of craftsmanship from the exhibitors, unleashing a real feast of colours and techniques laying out a foundation to enrich the wardrobes of modern women. The Forum encouraged the audience to be creative and to indulge in a healthy life environment where a balance of comfort & aesthetics, culture & wellness could be reached.

Two-days of conferences and seminars delivered by key note speakers were well-received by the audiences. Specialists from Concepts Paris, WGSN, Carlin Creative Trend Bureau and Daxue respectively shared their insights on the upcoming body fashion trends and helped the audiences to navigate towards new markets. On the other hand, experts from Redress and Support Ltd. dived deep into the intersection of fashion and sustainability, motivating the audiences to undress wastes issues and explore circularity for fabrics and product design.

Interfiliere Shanghai in collaboration with Taobaoi Fashion also presented the Gen Z Fashion Show in the evening on Sept 26th, featuring 5 iFashion lingerie and loungewear brands-Miss Curiosity, Ubras, Miss Kiss, PJ Mand Six Rabbit. By connecting digital world with real life experience , the fashion show facilitated the communication between brands and Gen Z consumers, supported brands in delivering their strong identities and values to the audiences.