Lucky Weaves is a part of the Lucky Group which was established in 1976. Lucky Group a pioneer and a well-known manufacturer of quality yarn for hosiery and weaving including compact viscose and vortex yarns. Taking advantage of its rich experience in the spinning industry, it also ventured into weaving to cater to the growing textile market. Lucky Yarn Tex and Lucky Weaves were set-up in 2008 as integrated spinning and weaving units having 50,000 spindles and 200 Toyota JAT 810 air jet looms respectively. Lucky Weaves has recently installed a Karl Mayer PROSIZE – sizing machine, the latest innovation in sizing. In a brief interview G Rajamanickam, Executive Director, Lucky Yarn Tex, Erode, spoke about this investment.

As for many years your focus has been on other business areas, could you tell us how the plan for the sizing project came-up?

In 2008 when we ventured into the integrated spinning and weaving project with 50 air jet looms, we were getting job-work done for our weavers’ beams only from Karl Mayer sizing machines installed in the Erode area and this helped us to achieve highest efficiency on our air jet looms. We were also outsourcing large amount of grey fabrics to the nearby weaving industries.

Now when we further increased our capacity we decided without a doubt to install a Karl Mayer sizing machine for our own looms and also to offer quality sized beams to the market from where we are outsourcing grey fabric.

What were you searching for in making your choice for the machinery supplier for this project?

Initially, we were thinking about a low cost solution, but as we have experienced the excellent and consistent working performance of warp yarn sized on Karl Mayer machines from nearby sizing units in Erode, it was easy to make up our mind to go for Karl Mayer. After learning about the PROSIZE technology we opted for it. We have now installed a Karl Mayer Prosize machine.

Can you explain how Karl Mayer machinery fit into your buying criteria?

As I mentioned, we were quite satisfied with the quality of beams sized on Karl Mayer machines sourced from the nearby sizing units. Hence, we wanted to go for Karl Mayer machine. When Karl Mayer introduced the new PROSIZE technology, we made our choice at once to go for this machine. Apart from the technology, performance, and quality, we also considered the technical and aftersales support from A.T.E., which are top class.

Could you share your experience working with A.T.E. as a business partner?

A.T.E. is good at providing appropriate guidance and suitable solutions. A.T.E. maintains a high level of transparency in its dealings. We are happy to be with A.T.E.

What are your future plans for expansion and how do you see A.T.E. group in your future expansions and modernisation plans?

Since A.T.E. is in various verticals like spinning, weaving, solar, ETP, etc., we surely count upon A.T.E. as our best business partner.

What do you think A.T.E. needs to do better?

In totality, we are happy and satisfied in dealing with A.T.E.