American clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger has announced the launch of Tommy Sport, in an effort to push into the lucrative sports apparel market. The company says it will utilise recycled and lightweight fabrics in its products and will integrate technical functionalities such as compression technology, water-repellency and moisture-wicking. The performance-driven pieces are built for optimal movement and multi-purpose use says the brand, for the next generation of consumers who approach wellness, outdoor activities, and general fitness as a lifestyle.

“Active living has evolved into a way of life and changed the way we dress, with the next generations looking for designs that fit their on-the-go lifestyle,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Clothing needs to follow this trend and we are delivering on consumer expectations with Tommy Sport, which injects a cool and bold edge into performance. We are taking iconic pieces from our archive to the future with modernized classic sports fabrics and executions,” he added.

The company’s move into the sportswear sector begins with the Tommy Sport spring 2019 collection for men and women, which it says will modernise sporting essentials, including sports bras, leggings, shorts, and tank tops with bright colour-blocking, oversized star graphics, striped tape and detailing.