Warp and weft knitter Penn Textile Solutions has been recognised as Lingerie Designer of the Year 2019 by Interfiliere. The Penn Textile Solutions company was recognized for its innovative, technically refined collections that are constantly refreshed, offering elaborate fabrics with a multitude of features and resonances, for over 60 years now. Penn Elastic GmbH launched in Germany in 1959 to develop and produce innovative elastomeric knitted textiles. Known today as Penn Textile Solutions (Penn), the firm is located in a 15,000 sqr mtr factory in Paderborn, Germany.

An early adopter of Lycra fibre, Penn continues to produce fabric for intimate apparel that features the latest Lycra fibre innovations and technology solutions available today. Following the essential innovations presented in 2018 (the 3D Spacer Fabric, the delicate comfort of Natural Charme – a unique innovation that pairs Lycra Beauty technology with natural fibres (like cotton and micromodal) to create a product range offering enhanced comfort – and Powerlace, the development of the Dreamshape series, and the uniqueness of a new generation of laces), Interfilière Paris recognised the inventiveness of the 2019 collection, based on different types of fully eco-friendly and recycled fabrics and a variety of rigid and elastic, natural and synthetic tulles.

Natural Charme is with the addition of these natural fibres, the judges determined that the collection will “set the tone for the Interfilière Paris 2019 show.” “Evoking softness and comfort, natural fibres awaken our senses and our imagination,” Penn said. “More than ever, they are playing a starring role in all lifestyle industries and remind us of the luxury and pleasures of an authentically simple and naturally virtuous world. Lingerie and homewear are no exception to this craze, which brings them back to their roots, somewhere between the purity of cotton, the sensuality of silk, and the freshness of linen.”

It weft knitting department, Penn operates 14 circular knit machines for plain and jacquard Single Jersey constructions. These include cotton / Lycra fabrics with 300 g/m², triple plated with Aquator effect and functional jacquards in weights over 200 g/m² make up the majority the product portfolio. In the 3,000 sqr mtr warp knitting hall, Penn runs 75 warp knitting machines of various technologies. The team in this department works in three shifts and is very skilled in the production of elastomeric knitted textiles including Raschel, Raschel with Cotton (cotton: invisible), Raschel with embroidery look, Two way tricot (32, 40G), Weftloc (dreamfit) and Rascheltronic (dreamshape).