Raja M Shanmugham, President said that the TEA Executive Committee elaborately discussed the impact of the long leave normally being taken by employees after Deepavali and expressed its the impact on delivery schedule, which will naturally lead to cancellation of orders, also cascading effect on working capital and other financial stress. Raja M Shanmugham said, “It is a fact that the negative impact on us will be a big advantage to the competing countries at a time when we have been struggling to withstand the onslaught of their competition.”

He noted that it is the right time for all exporting units to spread the reality among employees and convince them that how they could also contribute for the betterment of their unit by merely taking two or three days leave after Deepavali instead of ten to fifteen days leave at a stretch. We have now come to the stage to strictly cut down the cost wherever possible, within our limit to sustain in the business.

Raja M Shanmugham said in this connection, “We have sent a circular to our members requesting them to commence the exercise effectively, make the workers to understand the fact and get the expected cooperation for the well-being of their unit.”

He further stated that he has also sent a communication to all Knitwear Stakeholders Association to advice their members in similar line and added with the cooperation of all, the production can be resumed within two to three days and minimise the loss in productivity.