Satyam Fashion Institute, Noida inspires a lot of aspiring designers every year to accomplish their dream prompting them to learn, groom and showcase their inner attributes. In the pursuit of the excellence of these graduating designers, Satyam Fashion Institute celebrated recently the true spirit of womanhood through Design Show ‘TRIPTYCH 2019’ at NCUI Auditorium, Siri Fort, New Delhi.

This glamorous event provided a platform to showcase the ravishing attires designed by the Graduating Batch from scratch under the supervision of Dr. Mitali C Goswami, Organiser of the show & Principal of SFI and Neetu Malhotra, Program Head-Fashion Design and Show Coordinator. 73 budding designers from specializations – Fashion Design, PGDFD and Lifestyle Accessories showcased their exclusive collection in 20 theme based sequences gracefully choreographed by Rachana Sikka.

The Satyam Fashion Institute students captivated the audience with their creative imagination on the mixture of scintillating colors, fabrics and textures in the unique and appealing 20 themes including Crossing the Boundaries, Cenderawasih, Ardhanari, Vintage to Vogue, Kala Taqseem Nahi Hoti, Kravisiya, Versalies, Dreams of Beauty, Equality in Diversity, Face Off, Rang Laal, Frosting Eve etc.

Manjulika Gautam (I.A.S Retd.), Director General, Satyam Fashion & Education said, “Triptych 2019 is a culmination of four years hard work of the B. Design students. We at Satyam provide a conducive and exemplary environment which encourages creativity and Innovation in our students to make them self-reliant. SFI firmly believes that Fashion World is ever evolving; the trends are endlessly changing; so the budding fashion designers should posses the creativity to merge the old styles with new trends and introduce a new fashion altogether. Gautam motivated students and said that to become a successful fashion designer they have to go through the history of the fashion world for gaining knowledge about what kind of fashion was there in the early stages. They should work according to the style and tastes of people for whom they are designing.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Mitali C Goswami, Principal, Satyam Fashion Institute expressed, “We are here to make a difference. Do what you love. Your dreams are your road map. You are among the best students in the world. GOD has put in each one of you the talents and potential to be outstanding in your further studies and future careers.” She reminded the students that being fashionable doesn’t always mean that you wear expensive clothes or accessories; you can wear trendy and simple clothes and yet look fashionable. Fashion, in essence, is the art of transforming simple attire with elegance. She conveyed heart filled appreciation for the students who contributed to the success of the event. The Principal encouraged the students by quoting the aspiring verse written by Qu Yuan, “The road ahead is long and with no ending; yet I will seek with my will unbending.” She concluded that fashion is feast, it’s an icon, it’s a glam and a world of magic.

The glamour extravaganza was witnessed by the eminent personalities of the fashion industry like Karishma Sondhi, Deepa Sondhi, Neetu Singh, Himmendra Gupta, Anil Peshawari, Ruchi Aggarwal, Dr Sangeeta Aggarwal, Krishan Tiwari, Sapna Tiwari, DK Singh and Deepak Yadav.

The collection of the designers denoted beauty, purity, clarity and royalty. To test the look of the range the students worked hard towards creating the muslin toils of all the design in their collection thus eliminating any folly or unwanted element. The students experimented with a variety of materials to bring life into their designs by using both traditional handicraft techniques and progressive technology. They challenged the line and idea of design, inspired by the past and developing ways to transform the future with the use of new and old technologies. In addition to these, the young designers created a Professional Graduation Show Portfolio consisting of all the documents meeting professional standards. Color, Embellishment, Craftsmanship and High-tech approach to Fabric Manipulation were characterized at External Jury of FD, LA and PGDFD students. An exhibition was also organised by the students of Foundation, Fashion Design, Lifestyle Accessories and Textile Design during the Triptych 2019 event.