Apparel manufacturers are using a wide range of creative and ingenious decorative techniques to add value to their fabrics and knitted garments today. The development of these new decorative techniques has been facilitated partly by recent innovations in garment technology. As a result, the range of economical design options for designers and manufacturers has been widened. These innovations have centred on machinery for direct to garment digital printing, embroidery, conventional sewing, embellishment attachment, heat transfer and laser decoration. Additionally, interesting advancements in electronic textiles have taken garment decoration beyond the field of aesthetics by enhancing the functionality of garments for their wearers. This report discusses recent developments in technologies for knitted garments and textiles….

Studio Next presents latest cutting and spreading solutions

In today’s dynamic economic environment, there is a constant need for improvement in processes. An organisation cannot always rely on past performance to remain successful perennially. In order to remain competitive, an organisation needs to upgrade its technology, rationalize the cost of production, improve the product quality & speed of delivery by maintaining less man power. Organisations will have thousands of job orders per year to accomplish, and thus they will always seek new ways to improve its processes. The focus on efficiency in the apparel industry is mainly on the reduction of the material costs, which often reach up to 75 per cent of the total production costs.

With the help of automation in its process, an apparel manufacturer can achieve its targets. Since 2003, Studio Next Technology Pvt. Ltd. has been playing a vital role in the process of bridging the gap between the industry and its demands in the automation process, by offering the latest technologies.

Pattern Making, Marker Making & Fabric Cutting are considered to be the most important operation in apparel manufacturing process owing to the following factors:

Firstly, fit is the most important factor leading to the final acceptance or rejection of a garment and a good fit is dependent on the Pattern. Studio Next Provides a powerful high end Richpeace Drafting & Grading System for pattern making.

Secondly, laying out the patterns in fabric to prepare for cutting is an important step that must be done carefully and efficiently as it handles the costliest material resource – the fabric and it is vital that one orders the fabric appropriately. Studio Next helps in providing an efficient Garment Marker System along with its Powerful Super nest Module which helps in optimising fabric consumptions.

Thirdly, the spreading and cutting process is irreversible and the concept of repair or alteration does not work here. As such, it is vital that one needs to track the cutting room processes to keep errors to a minimum. Studio Next helps in providing fully automated Spreading and Cutting Machine which ensures that errors are kept to the minimum.

Studio Next is happy to announce its launch of new products, ‘SCOPE’, a low-cost semi-automatic spreader which eases the laying process and doubles the production capacity and reduces the man power into half and ‘RP-MJ/4 New Generation’, High Speed plotter for printing the markers for the organisations who wants to go slow on investments like Automatic Spreading & Cutting Machine.

Serkon Special CNC cutter for knitted fabrics

Serkon Textile Machinery was set up in 2000, with the main goal of production of cutting room equipment and became one of the leading companies in this field in Turkey. Fabric Inspection Machines, Fabric Spreading Machines and CNC Cutters are the most advance innovative products it provides for customers for garment industry and other areas of textile related fields worldwide.

Serkon is a 100 per cent Turkey made technology. Its MC 90 CNC is capable of operating at the speed of 100 mtr/min with a compressed cutting height of up to 90 cm, cutting width ranging from 1.6 mtr to 2.4 mtr, viable for wide fabrics used in manufacturing home furnishings. Integrated with Windows platform, the machine is compatible with all CAD systems and can select the pieces not to be cut and bypass them during cutting.

MC 90 CNC cutter fabric is incorporated with an Intelligent Knife System, which senses deflection of the knife while cutting highply spreads and changes the knife’s angle to compensate for the deflection. Common for all automatic cutters of Serkon Makina, there is a user-friendly keypad which controls many machines’ functions at the cutter. Reasonable prices make it very much competitive with other suppliers, even though the company makes its machines, the software and the hardware in Turkey. SerKon is represented by RGM Machines India Pvt. Ltd.

Marker & Fiber Laser Marker Machine by Angel India

Angel India Cad Cam Private Limited, established in year 2004, are among the prominent manufacturers, exporter, traders and importer of supreme quality in the world of Lasers, CNC Routers, Imaging & Printing products such as laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, UV flatbed printers, wide format printers, eco solvent printers, CNC routers, flat bad cutting plotter. Given are some of its latest innovations:

Co2 Marker & Fiber Laser Marker Machine

Product Features:
• The fibre laser marking machine use Raycus or IPG laser sauce, sealed laser structure, output optical fibre, optical isolation, free maintenance.
• Digital scanner can mark as high speed. Powerful control system can optimize different processes according to the various data. Multi-language is available. It supports up to 256 colour layer management functions, meet multiple application.
Fast speed, small size, low power consumption, out-of-thebox, easy to operate.

Applicable materials: Iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel, plastic (PVC/PC/PU), ABS material, epoxy resin etc.

Angel Co2 Laser Marker Machine

Angel CO2 Laser marking machine enables optimal marking conditions for a variety of materials. With a wavelength of 10.6um, high precision marking is easily achieved. The Galvo-steered beam designed for marking enable the machine to mark at speed as high as 20,000 mm/sec. CO2 laser systems can be used to mark 2d barcodes, 2d data matrix, logos, or any sequence of characters and numbers on your parts and products. Marking data can be input manually, bar code scanned, or downloaded from your mainframe computer or network system.

Application: Electronic component, craftwork gift, leather, shell nameplate, rubber products, garments accessories, fabric cutting, foodstuff, medicine package printing & plate making, jeans whiskering, damaging and writing.

Morgan presents software solution for pre sew process optimization

Morgan Tecnica produces technology ‘Made in Italy’ and exports it all over the world to the enlightened and modern companies. Its cutting room machinery, software and friendly service network represent the top ambition for those who operate in the textile industry and are willing to innovate. From the country of fashion, the most advanced “Fashion Technology.” Morgan Tecnica provides software solution for pre sew process optimization. Given are some of its latest technologies:

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM is a fashion specific product lifecycle management solution. This application is a modern tool for companies in the fashion industry. It is intuitive and user-friendly and at the same time specific/customized to the requirements of the textile industry. PLM covers every process from the point of creating the collection to the point of receiving the end products. The application combines tools for collection planning, product development & specifications, cost calculation, order & delivery management and a flexible work-flow management within a single platform.

Features: Collaboration and Mobility, Collection Development, Material Management, Base Libraries, Product management, Purchase Management, Delivery Management, Sampling, Quality assurance, Transparent progress and Status control, Integration with existing systems like ERP, MDCOP, 3Dress, sketcher, painter.

Benefits of using PLM:

• Simplifying and optimizing the processes
• Simple and effective communication between internal and external stakeholders,
• Using a comprehensive PLM-database
• Better control of each milestone creates transparency
• Reduced costs by direct and fast communication as well as a process automation
• Increase the revenue by saving time and reducing costs
• Immediate identification of critical situations with an easy search option for alternative solutions
• Optimizing of product quality by avoiding mistakes increase of customer satisfaction by optimizing product quality

Cop-Cut Order Planning

COP is an essential tool to organize and automate the cutting room operations resulting in a more efficient work flow. This software optimizes the labour and material cost which is considered to comprise the highest percentage of cost involved in the cutting room. It decides the combination of markers & lays for a particular order. This is a standard process done in every factory. It is the link between the marker room and the cutting room. Morgan Tecnica also implemented MTM COP, the system specific to manage the orders for “Made to Measure” production. MTM COP allows elaborating MTM orders in a fully automatic process, even without any operator, starting from the order collection from retail shops or from web.

• Work order analysis
• Optimal cut planning creation and production increase
• Time and fabric consumption optimization
• Marker and relative size ratio selection
• Optimization of nesting, spreading and cutting
• Machine remote programming
• Interface able with ERP systems/ Fabric Ware House / CAD
• Detailed reports


3Dress is the virtual designing software, wherein the look and fit of a garment can be checked. It works on a virtual body form or avatar which can be changed and customized as per the client requirement. The major highlight being how realistic and natural this software is, there are various in built human body motions, resulting in an impactful, true and almost accurate fit of the garment.

All these result in speeding up the design and sampling process, the designs are tested in real time, so there are quick and better design improvisation. It takes utmost care of the special details related to the fit and look of the garment with the avatar movements, expressions, shoes, hair etc. The real time simulation is the USP of this product. Effectively eases and reduces the prototype manufacturing process.

Special features of Morgan 3Dress

• Customization -The avatar is customizable. The software has some pre-loaded commonly used sizes but the avatars are totally customizable morphologically, the body measurements can be entered and saved for future use. With every measurement entered the avatar responds in real time.
• Fabric gravity- Along with the avatar movements, the software also considers the fabric performance according to its specific technical specifications like the weight, elasticity, texture, structure, stiffness etc. According to these fabric properties the software will change the flow and drape of the garment in various motions in a very realistic way.
• Complex movements
The complex movements like walking, dancing, jumping, thinking, turning around, running etc. are very smoothly and naturally replicated by the avatars. The user can check the garment in any angle and condition.
• Additional Features- 3DRESS SHOP, 3DRESS VIEWER

WINDA High speed apparels pattern cutting machine

Winda Technology Limited, is the professional technology solution provider in garment CAD/CAM field. The company is represented by Hitech Sewing Systems. One of the latest technologies by the company is High speed apparels pattern cutting machine – WD-FJ1512. Given below are its highlights:

• Real-time adjust speed and force accurately
• No-ink prompt
• The capability of reverse is only one in the world
• Memorize position of present plotting automatically in wholeprocedure with closed-loop system
• Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), real-time error correction, real-time and bi-directional operation
• Advanced differential graphic docking and positioning technology

• Resolution – Vector: 0.0125 Raster: 600 DPI
• Plotting Speed – Vector: 1200mm/sec; Raster: 40-120Sqm/Hr
• Cutting Speed – 1300mm/Sec
• Thickness of Media – 0.5mm-2mm
• Line quality – Works precisely, shortly, and no gap between two contiguous sections
• Compatibility – HPGL (special format can be back-ordered)
• Paper installation mode – Front Pr Back paper-Supply System is optional
• Machine structure – Light air-metal platform, mute high-vacuum suction, originally imported slide-rail
• Intelligent Catridge – Memorize original point automatically, electronic soring fit paper automatically, pen-down accurately and plot clearly
• Intelligent safeguards – Over-width and over-length alarm, noink alarm, over-load alarm and obstacle alarm
• Paper Availability – Plotting: 45g-450g; cutting: 45g-450g; The customer-order of 450g and up option os available
• Power Availability – 90/264V, 47/66Hz
• Max. Paper Feeding Area – 120cm×150cm

Automatic and Digital sewing solutions by Juki

Juki advances its activities to create the most suitable factories by making innovative efforts to solve the various problems a customer faces, through the further evolution and systemization of products and IoT.


Juki’s Digital Sewing Machines can respond actively to changes in sewing items and materials. These sewing machines are capable of digitalizing “seam” adjustment functions and setting parameters can be stored as a pattern. The data after adjustment can be transferred through tablet or mobile with a dedicated app (application program) to other sewing machines. The same setting can be shared to other factories, which is running with same style in order to attain same quality seam. This will help the factories reduction of machine setting time during line set up.

Juki’s Digital Sewing Machines: DDL-9000C, LBH-1790AN, LK-1900BN, LK-1903BN


Due to the raise in global competition factories are required to reduce their manufacturing cost and to support them Juki is coming up all new range of automatic machines which will help them process cost reduction. Apart from cost reduction there are benefits like consistent quality and reduced rejection rate as there is no manual intervention. There is consistent increase use of automatic machine in apparel sector compared to last year. And we have customers using all our automatic machines in apparel, knits as well as non-apparel.

Juki’s Automatic Sewing Machines: PS-700 and MOL-254


An IoT based system capable of performing connects all of the machines in a network. Juki meets customer demands by proposing line solutions to overcome production challenges using innovative, high-precision technologies under the “Smart Solutions” slogan. Equipment data such as operation information on individual sewing machines is visualized in real time, analyzed and used for production improvements, speedy response and operator education.

Brother focusing on automation and data exchange

Industry 4.0 is a current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyberphysical systems, the internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing.

Brother is focusing towards fourth industrial revolution by introducing Brother Network System IOT in which the Brother industrial DigiFlex sewing machines are successfully connected to cloud server by which we can extract data of production in real time and take real time action resulting in efficiency improvement.

What is IoT? The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, having the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

The industrial machines connected to Brother IoT will generate the useful conditional reports like line balancing Bar graph, hourly production with operator rate, machine status, and machine data by which the production and maintenance team can visualize the data to take real time action towards improvement of productivity and reduction in down time.

DigiFlex feed system is one of the innovation, towards industry 4.0 that Brother has introduced to revolutionise the garment sector as Digiflex grows profit. The DigiFlex models promises to improve quality and productivity as it is a key factor in apparel industry to reduce the cost of manufacturing.

The Brother focusing towards providing solutions for potential problems that apparels industry has no option to eliminate. Digiflex technology helps the maintenance team to adjust the machine with a touch of a option where feed system is digitally controlled by one pluse motor and providing 3 additional feed motion in which garment factory can reduce roping effect and puckering effect and improve quality of the garment.

The technology also provided with sensor to provide consistent SPI at crossover seams and eliminating the usage of hammers which is one of the major compliance issues. This process also reduces the handling time and reducing of cycle time, resulting in efficiency improvement. And also helps in reduction of manpower in the line.

Pegasus presents latest sewing machine series

Pegasus Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines in the world. Given are some of its latest innovations:

FS700P-A series LaRgo

Equipped with independent right and left differential feed ratio adjustment mechanism. Oil Barrier type, 4-needle flat seaming. Unique design of independent right and left differential feed ratio mechanism produces beautiful and stable sewing result even on different fabric within same garment.

• Easy to seam different fabric material: Effective to seam different right and left fabric material such as sportswear
• Reduce operators’ manual adjustment: This unique feature enables operators to seam two different types of fabric easily
• Stable quality and improvement of productivity: It keeps stable sewing result not depending on operators’ skills, which contributes to stable quality and improvement of productivity.

Interlock Stitch Machines – WT169P series

WT169P series – “Oil Barrier” type (Variable top feed, interlock stitch machines with an extremely small-sized cylinder bed). Extremely small-sized cylinder bed.

Block oil leakage

The needle bar includes a newly designed oil seal and bushing, exerting dramatic “Oil Barrier” effectiveness, preventing oil leakage and oil splashes. And maintenance is very simple and easy, such as change the oil seal.

This feature reduces oil stains on sewn products, decreasing the use of stain remover. The WT169P series is a reliable sewing machine that creates a clean work environment and contributes to global environmental protection.

• Variable top feed, interlock stitch machines with an extremely small-sized cylinder bed (circumference:113 mm)
• Thanks to this cylinder bed, the sewing of small-sized tubular goods, such as sleeve openings and bottoms of wear for children and babies, which would otherwise be difficult, is easy this features increase the quality of sewn products
• Equipped with the belt type bottom feed mechanism and a top feed dog, these machines sew cross seam sections smoothly, so that no ply-shifting and/or twisting occurs on the fabric during sewing. Neatly finished products are obtained

Twin head, Ultrasonic Automatic Elastic Band joining machine- XJ-C311-CCD2

Main functions:

• Thread wiper
• Production counter
• Double size bobbin
• Automatically stop working when disconnected
• Elastic band hot ironing device
• Ultrasonic welding
• Automatic identification of rubber band joints and cut off
• Unit number set counter
• Automatic stop
• Intermediate presser foot

Circular Hemming Machine by iSEw

iSEw Brand’s latest innovation is Circular Hemming Machine i.e. BSA – Automatic Circular Hemmer – BSA 1920/SA/IF18 – LHS. This technology is designed for automatic hemming of Tshirt, panties, sport clothes etc. Given are its features:

• 15-32 mm special needle width
• Automatic stacker system
• Works with photocell or switch
• Optional stacking types
• 200 program memory
• Height adjustable stand


• Optional needle width
• 2, 3 machines with one operator
• 5,000-5,500 pieces in 8 hours electronic edge guiding ystem (EKF)
• EKF electronic edge guiding system will automatically prepare your fabric’s side seams equal
• It has adjustable 15-32 mm needle width. Winder widths are available on demand
• With electronic stacker system, your products stack equally and efficiently. Every piece will be ready for next step
• Thanks to adjustable sewing speed one operator can work with 2, 3 machine

Button Feeder & Bonding Technologies by SAKHO

SAKHO Group was established in 2011 by an energetic engineer of the garment industry inspired by Korean inventor (Served the garment industry more than 30 years who started his career as a mechanic to consultant). The company’s motto is to bring this industry innovative and unique in terms of machines or applications. It always prefers to associate with the foreign companies who are masters in their respective field.

Button Feeder BK-17

Button feeder a product from Korea under the brand BKS BUKANGS model BK-17. It is designed considering industry requirements and users feedback. It strongly says that it is upgraded version among all existing feeders available in industry. Button feeder is a robotic mechanism device used to feed the buttons to the button clamp on the button sewing machine. Operator doesn’t need to align the holes of the button. With its increased feeding speed, the sewing machine head speed can be used up to maximum, which results in higher productivity. Using this device a beginner shows double productivity than skilled operators.

• Colour sensor optional
• Easy button measure
• Easy micro adjustment
• Two times cutting
• Cyclic programme
• Point button
• One body type loosening clamp
• Easy X,Y adjustment

Bonding Technology

Bonding is very popular in international market these days, and will be the game changer in garment manufacturing. Now you can see bonded applications in all major brands already getting engaged in some way. H&H who introduced a design studio in the name of UNIK TECHNOLOGYZ in Bangalore in 2016 with the concept to design & manufacturing of samples using bonded seam technology with the expertise of their business partner SAKHO and RCG. The idea is to give an option to the Indian brands to add such garments to their collections and if needed, even undertake the actual production, as the infrastructure created at the studio is geared for the same. The company delivers tailor-made solutions to its customers demanding quality considering helping from application engineering and manufacturing point of view. Manufacturing processes with futuristic trends are becoming ever more challenging in present time. New knowledge in this field will aid in the advancement of various technologies that would be needed to achieve industrial competitiveness. Comprehensive and up-to-date, precision engineering is cross-disciplinary.

Computerized overlock and lockstitch machines by Bruce

Bruce industrial sewing machine was founded in 2006. The company is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China which is the world’s most important production and R&D base of sewing machines. Given are two of its latest technologies:

New Computerized lockstitch machine- R5

It aims to build a strong industrial sense computerized lockstitch sewing machine. R5 is a new computerized lockstitch sewing machine with stable and reliable performance by adding the function of thread breakage detection, dense stitch, starting auto lifter, one shaft design, no skip stitch etc. It is a world record winning brand for doing longest continuous stitching for 64.8 mtr without thread breakage.This German technology is stable & durable (German industrial design, heel & hearty atmosphere). Its smatter rear cover makes full use of space add self-locking function more convenient to adjust the stitch length.

Highlights: R5 is with dense stitch function short remaining thread (3.5mm), no need of manual trimming after sewing which saves lot of time and increases productivity. Based on aero dynamics theory large wind hand can increase air inflow, reduce the temperature of motor and control box, which greatly prolongs electronic parts. It will become a hot product in middle level segment market.

Computerized overlock machine – B5

• Automatic overlock machine
• No thread breaking, also stitch skipping
• Start & end suction device
• Three Operation Modes, Easy to Change: Full Intelligent Mode: Machine works automatically without foot Semiintelligent Mode: Machine works with automatic sensor, automatic presser foot lifter, automatic trimming Computerized Mode: Machine
• Oil Control Effectively, High Yield: All inclusive needle bar and oil supply system, avoid to oil leakage
• One Key to Reset: Can choose back to user setting or factory setting • One-shaft Design, Stable and Durable: Reduce machine troque, machine works more stable
• The Highest Speed Can Reach 7000 S.p.m: The efficiency of B5 is 35 -100 per cent faster than normal machine

Jack presents needle feed lockstitch and overlock machines

Established in 2003, Jack Sewing Machine Co., Ltd from Taizhou, China is one of the leading companies in the world involved in manufacturing and R&D of full series of lockstitch, over lock, interlock, special machines, machines for heavy-duty materials and pocket-welting machines.

Jack Computerized needle feed lockstitch machine (A6F)

• Feed Smoothly, Avoid of Layers offset: Specialized feeding keeps fabric smooth without winkles and layers offset; applicable for yarn, chiffon and silk fabrics
• Beautiful stitches without short thread tail: Beautiful stitches and no need to cut remaining thread. End sewing remaining thread is short within 3 mm, auto lockstitch avoid loose stitch
• Sealed oil pan, No Oil, No trouble: Sealed oil pan, no dust into the oil, perfect lubrication, clean and durable
• Large space, wide range of application: The operation space can reach as large as 300mm, which makes fabric feed more smoothly, applicable for down jacket, shirts and suits
• Easy to learn, easy to sue: Easy to understand, no need to remember parameters

High speed automatic overlock machine with pneumatic suction device (C5)

• High Efficiency: Max, speed can reach to 7000spm. Efficiency of C5 automatic overlock machine is 35 per cent-100 per cent higher than normal machine, for example, Worker salary =4000 RMB/ month*(1+35 per cent)=5400RMB, monthly revenue increase 1400RMB/ month, according to the analysis the income percentage of workers and boss is 4:6, then the boss monthly revenue increase 2100RMB/month
• Voice guide, easy to learn and operate: Automatic voice broadcast solution voice guide will help you understand each function
• One key to reset, trouble free: One key back to the user setting or factory setting
• Short thread tail, no need extra trimming: Auto thread trimming can control the thread trail to be within 5mm, no need of extra trimming
• One shaft drive, stable and fast: Reduce the machine torque, making the sewing fast, stable and durable
• With start and end suction device clean sewing: Automatic suction device makes clean sewing

High-Speed Overlock Sewing Machine by Hikari

Hikari (Shanghai) Precise Machinery Science & Technology Co., Ltd., which is one of the world’s largest manufacturing and researching center of industrial sewing machine, also is one of the earliest Chinese enterprise to research and manufacture high–end computerised industrial sewing machines.

Computerized direct-drive intelligent high speed overlock sewing machine Hikari HX6800TD-Series

Core technology

• Intelligent material identification: Automatic adjustment on sensor identification. Light filtration system protecting sensors from interference and abrasion
• Magnetic control system: Superior precision allowing designated stops
• Upgraded version: Ergonomic design optimizing performance and sewing quality

Production function

• Max speed: 8,000rpm
• Handy: The integrated design favours more in transportation and installation
• LED light
• Optional rear puller device

Loiko Global presents Button Feeder attachment

As we all know that most of the time the garments packing get delayed due to pending Button Hole and Button Stitch operations. To finish these operations factories do overtime and require skilled operators to run such machines. So, to deskill the Button stitch operation, Loiko Global Private Limited has come up with Button Feeder attachment (LOIKO MODEL ST-12 MADE IN KOREA). Normally, a Button Stitch operator can attach 600 to 700 Buttons per hour during shirt production. But if he installs LOIKO’s Button Feeder in the same Button stitch machine he can attach 1200 to 1400 Buttons per hour depending upon the button stitch machine condition.

It means almost double production, and not required any skill operator. The beauty of the button feeder is that it can be installed in any Electronic Button stitch machines without any alternations. The advantage of our button feeder is reducing the manpower, reduce over time, increase the productivity, and reduce break down time. According to the company, in future 70 to 80 per cent customers will order button machines with Button Feeders. The ROI of our Button Feeder will be around 10-12 months. Today, most of its customers are using Button Feeders because of this technology being very user friendly, good quality, performance and strong after sales service support. The company has added few new futures in its LOIKO Button Feeder and its manufacturing company in Korea has got ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 International Certification.

Needle Detector by SBEC Technology

SBEC Technology’s latest innovation is ZD-630A – 100 ZD- 360A-450 – Needle Detector. The company is represented by Newtech Garment Machinery in India.

ZD-630A – 100 ZD-360A-450 – Needle Detector

The technology is designed for textile and garments industry. It detects the needle / metal chips inside the sewing / garment / clothing / shoes products. Fabric products pharmaceutical products, chemical products, rubber products, food, etc.


• Cycled, 9 pairs of sensor, excellent anti-disturbance performance • Based on LED bar displayed control panel • High accuracy detection locating technology. LED indication • Level setup indication and real-time sensitivity display • Optional conveying mode after alarm • Optional automatically restart • Reliability mechanical frame design. High stable during detection • Designed for universal AC power supply, switch power supply


• Detection method: Magnetic induction • Detection sensitivity: 0.8 mm steel to small scissors • Detection adjustment: 10 step • Detection width: 650mm • Alarm method: Buzzer, Lamp • Belt speed: 32m/min (50Hz), 40m/min (60Hz) • Power source: AC200-240V 50-60Hz • Rated output: Appr140W • Dimension: 1650mm (L)* 1050mm (W) *900mm (H) • Weight: Approx. 220Kg

Busi presents complete range of medical sock machines

Family-run Italian hosiery knitting machine builder Busi Giovanni presents its complete range of machines capable of knitting certified-compression medical socks. The company announced extending its portfolio in September 2017, with the introduction of a 5-inch diameter to the previously existing ones of 4″ and 4.5″. “Our complete range of machines for medical (certified compression) socks is available in 4″, 4,5″ and 5″ diameters, capable of covering approximately 90 per cent of the required sizes and producing items in compliance with the international medical classes 1, 2 and 3,” said Michele Castagna, Export and Marketing Manager.

The available versions include Busi Medical and Busi Medical Terry machines, equipped with two feeds for the main yarns, plus two more feeds for elastic ones. Sandwich terry and selected terry options are available on the Terry version only. The machines are provided with two knitting feeds for both plain stitch and true rib. The compression graduation is achieved by using the automatic stiffening, which is available on all the stitch motors and by graduating the tension of the inlaid elastic yarn.

All of these versions are available equipped with the company’s Rimaglio automatic, stitch-by-stitch, toe-closing device, even up to the highest possible gauges. It downloads the sock from the machine, after completion of the knitting operation, and it transfers the sock to the linking device, where it is sewn loop by loop. The sock is turned inside out, so that the linking remains on the inside of the sock, resulting in a perfect traditionallooking linking. After being sewn, the sock, already reversed to the right side, is removed from the machine and is ready for the next boarding operation.

Since 1958 Busi Giovanni has specialised in the design and construction of singlecylinder machines with rib needles in the dial for the production of high-quality stockings, socks and tights. The company is a supplier to the most important producers of stockings, socks and tights, for the men’s, women’s and children’s markets – classic, patterned, sports, technical-sports, as well as medical, with special solutions for graduated compression. The family-run company sells in 63 countries around the world (90 per cent export) through a network of partners that provide distribution and service. With 61 years in the business, Busi manufactured 8,066 machines so far.

Cutting solutions from Hi-Tech Sewing Systems
Hi-Tech Sewing Systems is a professional company developed by a team of experienced engineers with an objective to support the apparel industry, leather industries & home textiles a “complete solution for garmenting,” right from cutting to finishing equipment.

3 Roll rib cutting machine

• Power
• Tape numbers
• Cutting width
• Cutting width tolerance
• Machine speed
• Tubular fabric width
• 220V single phase
• 1 – 3 tapes
• 20-150 mm
• +/-2mm
• 1800R/min
• 300mm – 2500mm

Automatic elastic measuring, cutting & joining (For inner elastic)

• Save Material/Save time and save effort
• Production: 5000pcs per shift
• Power: 220V single phase
• Elastic width: 10 mm to 40 mm
• Machine speed: 6000 RPM

Single roll rib cutting machine

• Power: 220V Single phase
• Rotation speed: 30-460 rpm
• One roll in 45 sec
• Knitwear, lycra, denim and woven fabrics can be cut
• Strip width: 5 mm to 90 mm
• Cloth circumference: 60-200 cm

Wellknown presents Electronic Rivet Button & Pocket Creasing machines

Established in the year 1959 at Tirupur, (Tamil Nadu, India), “Wellknown” is engaged in the business of Retailing and Supplying an optimum quality range of Garments machinery spares and allied products that includes tag pin and loop pin, straight knives, silicone spray, rust guard and scissors and round knife cutter. Given are its latest innovations:

WKS.SBM 90 Electronic Snap / Rivet Button Machine

Suitable for Knits, Woven, Jeans, Leather & Home Textiles

• Portable • Inbuilt motor • No noise • Counting facilities
• Speed adjustable • Stroke adjustments • In built LED lamp
• Maintenance free (no need oil / greece) • Compressor is not required
• 100 per cent safe • Pulling test 90 mtr/7 Lbs

Pocket Creasing Machine PCM

• Any shape size of pocket can crease immediately
• Save labour • Increase productivity • Keep uniformity

Elastic cut and sew machine by Sunsure

Sunsure company has been concentra ting on research, development and production of industrial sewing machine since its establishment, it follows the policy of “quality-first” as the basis of a company’s development, with the aim of fulfil all customer’s requirement, and serve in a top-grade, Sunsure brand wins a good reputation in sewing machine field after more than ten years development, and establishment of a stable sales network in the world. The company is represented by RGM Machines India Pvt Ltd.

Automatic elastic cut and sewing machine

• Automatic measurement, cutting, sewing, high production efficiency, reducing the operation of the professional skills requirements
• Reducing the labour required for elastic cutting and joining, a non-skilled operator can operate 4-6 machines independently
• Logo sensor: Through different colour to positioning single logo, multi-logos, which has best cost performance
• Shape and feeding device: Adopting gravity theory makes elastic vertical shaping and removes folding mark. Meanwhile, it has heating and preshrunk function
• Elastic collection: You can set the quantity for every rod by yourself

Automatic cover stitch bottom hemmer by SS Trading

Registered in 2008, SS Trading Inc. has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of sewing & embroidery machine, in India. The supplier company is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and is one of the leading sellers of listed products

Automatic cover stitch bottom hemmer (SMITH-BHK-300)

An electronically controlled workstation for hemming circular shirt bottoms. This unit incorporates a twoneedle cover stitch sewing head with an optional left-hand knife with electro pneumatic expansion roller for size control, a state-of-the-art edge guiding system, a fabric folding system, and an automatic stacker.


• Voltage (v/ph/hz): 220v 1ph
• Current (amps): 6.5A
• Air pressure (Psi): 6Kg
• Shipping weight (ibs): 370kg
• Production (Pieces per hour): 360 pcs

Flat knitting innovator Shima Seiki presents latest technologies

Recent consumer trends such as increa sed online shopping activity have changed supply chain requirements in China, with growing interest in on-demand production both in terms of time-compression and mass-customization. The combination of SHIMA SEIKI’s pioneering WHOLEGARMENT ® knitting technology that allows a garment to be produced in its entirety without the need for linking or sewing afterward, along with the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system, yields revolutionary game-changing flexibility in the knit supply chain to support such trends.

WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology was introduced over 20 years ago to industry acclaim and has steadily gained acceptance throughout the industry. Originally based in concept on SHIMA SEIKI’s founding development—the seamless glove machine, the gloves made on those machines were themselves the very first WHOLEGARMENT® products and became the inspiration for the eventual innovation. Still the only commercially proven and industrially sufficient form of complete garment production available anywhere in the textile industry, WHOLEGARMENT ® is the culmination of SHIMA SEIKI technology with over 2,000 patents registered and pending. Its current success has been made possible by the company’s proud dedication to development and commitment to industry. Further contributions include Industry 4.0-inspired factory automation and the addressing of sustainability issues.

Sharing the spotlight along with WHOLEGARMENT ® knitting technology is the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system. At the core of SHIMA SEIKI’s “Total Fashion System” concept, ultra-realistic simulation capability on APEX3 allows virtual sampling to minimize the impact that the sample-making process has on current manufacturing in terms of time and cost. With this new manufacturing model, the production cycle can be shortened to such an extent that on-demand production is possible without being limited to seasonal cycles. This allows the product planning stage to be extended to allow more accurate analysis of consumer demand. Moreover, virtual samples can be used at the retail level to gauge consumer acceptance of upcoming products, data for which can be used for forecasting demand. Such feedback can be used to adjust production and optimize inventory in order to prevent leftover stock that would otherwise go to waste. If stock runs out mid-season, on-demand production capability of WHOLEGARMENT® knitting can furthermore replenish inventory to prevent lost opportunity. In such a way, the Total Fashion System maximizes profit while achieving zero inventory loss, zero leftover stock, zero lost sales opportunity and most importantly zero waste through smart, speedy and sustainable production. This ideal method of knit manufacturing is revealed in SHIMA SEIKI’s “Smart Supply Chain” demonstration held at its booth.

Representing the production aspect of the Total Fashion System at ITMA Asia are four computerized flat knitting machines with distinct solutions to current and future needs of the Chinese and Asian markets. WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology is represented by three machines, each with its own unique capabilities. Featuring SHIMA SEIKI’s original SlideNeedle™ on four needle beds as well as the patented spring-type sinker system, MACH2XS offers great flexibility for knitting beautiful and sophisticated, high-quality WHOLEGARMENT ® products in all needles, with a seemingly endless variety of knit patterns at very high speed and efficiency. MACH2S is a versatile V-bed machine that supports production ranging from conventional shaped knitting in all needles to WHOLEGARMENT® knitting using every other needle. MACH2S is shown in 8G for coarse gauge applications. The compact WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine is capable of producing a wide variety of knit accessory items for fashion as well as technical textile applications. The “Mini” WHOLEGARMENT® machine produces novel 3D shoes. For more conventional solutions, SHIMA SEIKI’s SVR series resets the industry benchmark for shaped knitting, with the SVR123SP featuring a special loop presser bed that can produce hybrid inlay fabrics with both knit and weave characteristics. Demand for such unique fabrics are very high across a wide range of applications, from fashion apparel to sports and medical applications, as well as wearable technology and technical textiles.

Fully Automatic Computerized Flat Knitting Machine by Zoje

After 25 years of arduous pioneering effort, initiative, innovation and unique business philosophy, today Zoje Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. has become a leading machines manufacturer from China, which has full automatic production of the four major processes of the casting, casting processing, painting and assembling of sewing machines. The company is represented by Golden Falcon International.

Fully Automatic Computerized Flat Knitting Machine – ZJC-313P/SP

The machine is equipped with single carriage and three system, can make sports shoes upper, casual shoes upper and related accessories of shoes. In addition to functions of the knitting machine, upper knitting machine also have an outstanding partial knitting function. By using chemical fibre with high elasticity and special heat-shrinkable fibre, products have the features: Formation in a single process, tightness, crisp, good air permeability, and strong wear-resistance, nondeforming. Upper knitting machine with the latest control system can adjust knitting speed, tension and density; can do complicated knitting, by subdivision control.

Yarn storage: The yarn quantity in the storage barrel was controlled by non-contact sensor, the advantage of this type of sensor is to avoid tension break. Conical magnetic tensioner runs continually and keeps yarn feeding stable, without interrupted start-up or stop problems. The high performance carbon brush dc motor was controlled by micro-processor, it automatically inspects and calculates the average yarn speed to adjust the motor speed, there is no need to wind extra yarn storage barrel, the yarn delivery speed will be much higher Conical magnetic tensioner can adjust range of yarn tension and be suitable for more kind of yarn.

Power-off memory function:It is equipped with power-off protect device, with auto memory and resuming memory in sudden power-off situation. This function can help to continue the remained knitwear when the power is recovered. Needle plate: Needle plates ate replaceable and stable and with high hardness by using insert model.

Operation panel: Humanized monitor screen, clearly shows the data of knitting parameters and stitch, which can be adjusted in the process.

Relative Knitting technology by Mayer & Cie

Mayer & Cie introduced Relanit model based on Relative Knitting Technology at ITMA in 1987. The rest, as they say is history. Relanit continues to remain as one of the most successful models from Mayer & Cie. Continuous innovation over the years has ensured Relanit has always remained way ahead in terms of unmatched productivity and consistent premium quality that too with less energy consumption.

Relative Technology – Distinguishing Feature

Conventional knitting machines usually work with horizontal sinkers. That means the needle moves up and down while the sinker works horizontally. With Relative technology, the sinker too moves up and down. Relatively speaking, it shifts towards the needle. In this movement lies relative technology’s biggest advantage: In comparison to Conventional technology, number of deflection points to form a stitch becomes half thus substantially reducing stress on the yarn. Hence Relanit can successfully process yarn with inferior quality parameters.

Increased rpm compared to Conventional Knitting is another advantage. Most important of all is superior quality of end product. Because yarn is the major cost factor in knitting, Relanit helps knitter to save lot of money – and that means more profit.

Trusted technology, latest edition

While Relative technology in itself has remained unchanged, it has grown to keep pace with technological development. Relanit 4.0, as the name implies, with feeder density 4.0, has already been firmly established in basic S/J segment. This model is particularly popular amongst knitters who intend to knit bulk quantity with same parameters. Relanit 3.2 HS launched in three year back is sure winner when it comes to achieving high production with Elastomeric yarn. Developed primarily to process Elastomer yarn, this model has achieved instant stardom thanks to consistent high quality and production.

It is one of the most productive single jersey machines in the market, both for open width as well as tubular. With up to 45 rpm at a 30 inch diameter Relanit 3.2 HS works with elastomeric yarns just as well as with cotton, the machine’s traditional speciality. Furthermore, the Relanit 3.2 HS uses up to a third less energy than a conventional circular knitting machine.

In addition to the Relanit 3.2 HS, the current Mayer & Cie. portfolio comprises a further eight Relanit models, with striping machines, electronic and mechanical types among them. Every year, around 300 Relanit machines find their way to clients all around the globe. The specialists in cotton yarn are most popular in Turkey, followed by Brazil and China. Overall, Mayer & Cie. has sold 10,000 units, delivered to about 90 countries worldwide. That means about a quarter of all machines sold in the past 30 years belong to the Relanit family. Relanit being a household name in overseas market e.g. the US, UK, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South America export of fabric from India becomes relatively easy. No wonder then leading exporters of India have already started reaping benefits of high production, premium quality and low knitting cost by opting for Relanit Technology.

Future potential: Relative technology for Spinitsystems

Relanit technology is the base of Mayer & Cie.’s latest innovation, Spinit systems. Thanks to Relative Technology a fibre bundle gets converted to top quality single jersey fabric without really imparting any actual twist. The spinning and knitting machine Spinit 3.0 E combines formerly strictly separated processes – spinning, cleaning and knitting. The raw material it works with is a not a regular cotton yarn but a roving which easily breaks when tearing it. This is exactly the material that Spinit 3.0 processes. Relative technology deserves much of the credit for it succeeding in doing so. The fibre bundle travels a much shorter distance and is subject to less tension than would be the case with conventional knitting technology.

Single jersey circular knitting machine by Quanzhou Luojiang Hongshuo

Founded in 1996, Quanzhou Luojiang Hongshuo Machinery Co. Ltd is now located within the picturesque Luojiang District of Quanzhou city. It has imported advanced production equipment from countries such as Japan and Germany. Supported by sophisticated software such as CAD and CAM, the company is now able to assemble up to 2000 machines each year. Savithri Tex is the authorised agent of the company.

Year China Single jersey circular knitting machine (YC-SJMQ3)

The machine fits to weave chromspun, single-side cloth, float design cloth, scale cloth, PK cloth, dobby, twill cloth, industrial cloth, colour wash cloth and so on. It’s the best machine for making high quality single side weave.

Standard features:

• Creel: Side tube creel
• Yarn feeding: Memminger yarn storage feeder (Germany)
• Needle/Sinker: Kern-Liebers sinker (Germany)
• Groz-Beckert needles (Germany)
• Drive/Electric: Inverter motor controller, Digital central control panel
• Oiler: Uniwave/Pulsonic model
• Take down: Latest mechanical takedown system

Shing Ling presents interlock and double chain stitch machines

Established in 1989, Shing Ling Industrial Sewing machine have been manufacturing a full range of Cylinder-bed and Flat-bed Interlock (Flatlock) Machines. The company is represented by Hitech Sewing Systems. Given are two of its latest innovations:

FG-798-TF-SAS Automatic interlock machine with variable top feeder for hemming flat sleeves and bottoms

• The integrated sewing unit with servo motor is applicable to high productivity of hemming flat sleeves and bottoms of T-shirt, underwear and similar garments
• Thanks to the adjustable guide for hemming width max. 1 1/4 inches, the operator simply places the fabric and the unit automatically performs the hemming operations, thereby providing uniform and quality production
• Dual seam technology is to make soft-seam for ladies shorts, boxer pants and well-tense seam is best-suited for jackets, polo T-shirts etc.

SL-2700-264-SL-SM-ATK High speed feed up the arm 2-needle four thread double chain stitch machine for tape attaching

• Stitch length can be adjusted quickly as required by the smart push-button
• Micro-adjustment regulator makes differential feed ration easy and precise
• 2-needle 2-looper double chain stitch for tape attaching on shoulder, neck, sleeve,etc.
• Applicable to stitch covering and hemming work on all kinds of small tubular knitwear sports wear, T-shirts, underwear, etc

Stoll presents fully-automated production process

Stoll, a leading German flat knitting machine manufacturer, will exhibit with DITF (German Institute for Textile + Fiber Research) at ISPO Munich, the world’s largest trade fair for sports equipment and fashion. Stoll and DITF, the largest European textile research centre, are to present a fully-automated production and development process with their digitalised 3D CAD model.

“The combination of Stoll’s 3D flat knitting technology, knitelligence software package, and DITF’s automatisation tool for processing 3D CAD models to 2D knitting data will influence the future of product development and production processes,” the company reports. DITF is renowned for its research competence and pioneering role for Industry 4.0 in the textiles supply chain while Stoll provides state-of-the-art 3D knitting technology and services for designers, product developers, and textiles manufacturers.

Together, DITF and Stoll create fullyautomated and digital integrated process solutions that “establish a milestone for Industry 4.0 within a knitting environment.” Stoll says it is looking forward to an interesting and successful exhibition.

Stoll, with headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany, is a leading manufacturer of flat knitting machines. The long-established company was founded in 1873 and has 1,000 employees around the world. Its brand portfolio includes flat knitting machines and pattern software that are used to produce fashion and technical textiles. Stoll exports its products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Cheran’s latest Crown and Embossing Machines

Cheran Machines India Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001 – 2000 certified company and a pioneer in garment/ textile printing machineries is located in Coimbatore, Manchester of South India. With a strong commitment for quality, it has built strong brands recognised for innovation, user friendly features and superior performance for the past 14 years. Given are some of its latest technologies:

Cheran’s crown


• HMI for easy interaction with the machine
• PLC controller for precise temperature & timer
• Servo drive for better positioning control
• Double heater bed to fuse two jobs at a time for better productivity
• Fast continuous production
• Normal, semi auto, full auto modes for easy operation
• Two station individual operating system also available
• Suitable for sublimation, fusing and children’s garment
• Robust constructions
• Real time monitoring with shift wise & batch wise production data
• Pre setting for batch quantity can be loaded immediately for production
• Safety frame provided to protect operators
• Reduces labour cost and electricity considerably
• Automatic double stroke operation and production monitoring
• Easy handling and maintenance
• Automatic service intimation system available
• Provision for problem display in case of any failure in machine

Cheran’s Embossing


• Suitable for Embossing
• Micro control based digital temperature & timer control
• Separate temperature controller for bath heater bed
• Safety to operate
• Easy to visible for cloth spreading
• Easy to affix the design plates uniform pressure

Latest CMS knitting technologies by Empire Textiles

The Empire Textiles was started as a knitting factory in 2003 by S Boopathy, having More than 25 years of rich experience in the knitting industry. The company is working as the agent for CMS circular knitting machines in India. Following are its latest innovations:

High Speed (Next Generations) Tube Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Standard Specification:

• Machine Body: Special design tube for high speed •Body more Stranger than Normal Machine • Cam arrangement: 2 Tracks • Cylinder Steal Metal – imported from Japan • AC variable speed inverter control system –Emerson USA • Groz Beckert needle- Germany 94.41 G27&G28 • Sinker: Kern Liber- Germany 0.3/0.15 with More hardness • 24 V Operational panel board: Digitalized Auto revolution display with 3-shift counter with digital –Taiwan • Positive feeder& Lycra feeder: Meminger Brand, Germany • R.P.M reading & control -Taiwan • Dust Cleanse system -Taiwan • Automatic lubrication system- 24/12 holes, Germany • Central stitch control device for instant G.S.M change- Taiwan • Advanced High Speed Motor Voltage 380V – Teco Taiwan • Advanced High Speed rolling take-up system –YONG TAI, Taiwan • Advanced High speed wire Bearing System (Englamd)•Complete aluminium tube creel system –Taiwan

High Speed Open Width Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Standard specification:

• Machine Body: Special design open width for high speed •Body more Stranger than Normal Machine • Cam arrangement: 2 Tracks • Cylinder Steal Metal – imported from Japan • AC variable speed inverter control system –Emerson USA • Groz Beckert needle- Germany 94.41 G27&G28 • Sinker: Kern Liber-Germany 0.3/0.15 with More hardness • 24 V Operational panel board: Digitalized Auto revolution display with 3-shift counter with digital –Taiwan • Positive feeder& Lycra feeder: Meminger Brand, Germany • R.P.M reading & control -Taiwan • Dust Cleanse system -Taiwan • Automatic lubrication system- 24/12 holes, Germany • Central stitch control device for instant G.S.M change- Taiwan • Advanced High Speed Motor Voltage 380V – Teco Taiwan • Advanced High Speed rolling take-up system –YONG TAI, Taiwan • Advanced High speed wire Bearing System (Englamd) • Complete aluminium tube creel system –Taiwan

LKM Machinery presents Double Jersey and Rib Knitting Machine

LKM Machinery & Trading is a company that supplies power tools, water pump, high pressure cleaner, welding machine, industrial fan, and industrial vacuum and electric mower. It started providing quality machinery and hardware since 2012. The company is located in Jalan Sungai Ujong, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The brand is represented by Golden Falcon International

Double Jersey and Rib Knitting Machine- L-DI24/L-DR24

• The heart of the machine is uniquely designed which can be replaced directly. It solves the difficulty that the inner girder must be dismantled from the traditional machine when changing the heart. This makes simple changing of the heart and multi-function of the machine

• The designed upper plate takes the lead to use the suspensor structure to remove off centre the shadow of the cloth cover

• The transmission of the inner girder adopts the driving type to ensure the machine’s precision, which makes the machine more stable in highspeed operation

• The designed structure of the feed drive is of centralizing enclosure type. It cannot only reduce cotton fibre but also increases the machine’s security performance. This structure is a combinative exchange with easy installation and disassembles. Taking apart the cover, it can extract directly feed height axis to change gear wheels, which makes more simple and convenient when the machine operates and maintains

Omex presents latest knitting machines

The Omex Mechanical Works “laid its foundation in the year 1973 in Ludhiana, Punjab. Machines used in this plant are fully automatic and computerized and are having state-of-art technology. Flat Bed Knitting Machines are designed, keeping in mind the latest engineering technologies and knitting principals. Spanning over 35 years of pioneering expertise, the company has created for itself a solid customer bases comprising of the big consumers nationwide. Given are some of its latest innovations:

Semi Flat Bed Knitting Machine

• Computer control system: The clear and high light screen, it can display on English menu, input keyboard direct, edit with number, so it is easy and quickly to edit or modify and wide capacity save, screen show on the number of the line and total line, setting and finishing pieces, knitting speed, racking, fabric drop, line no, feeder set cam actor repeat state, stitch density, auto modify error, single piece stop etc.

• Newly designed yarn tension for instant machine stop (Stop motion)
• Feeders: The feeder was made from special steel and wasn’t rubbed. So was avoid the yarn rub and broken. Easy through a yarn, the feeder not sway, also litter strike or friction and running sliding.

Fully Fashion Flat Bed Knitting Machine (Three System) / Shoe Upper Flat Bed Knitting Machine

Technical specifications:

• Guage – 3G, 5G, 7G, 8G, 12G, 14G, 16G and 5.2 & 7.2 Multi guage
• Knitting Width – 42, 48, 52, 56, 60, 66, 68, 72, 80, 90, 100 and 110 inches
• Knitting system – Single carriage three systems. Controlled by servo motor with 32 sections optional max speed reach 1.2 km/s. servo motor use the precise back
• Knitting Speed – award control and link up the high speed operation ability of digital signal processor (DSP), which control IGBT to produce the asccurate output of electric current
• Needle bed transfer – Controlled by servo motor shift within 2 inches and with accurate sharping and other regular or irregular patterns
• Knitting Function – Knit, miss, tuck, transfer, pointel, intarsia, jacquard, apparent or hide shaping and other regular or irregular patters

Stitch Density – Controlled by stepping motor, 24 section stitch selectable, adjustable scope supported

• By subdivision technology – 0-650, the stitch of the knitwear can be accurately controlled
• Transfer function – Combined cam mixture designed, can transfer needle from front to back and back to together
• Yarn feeder – 2×8 yarn carriers on both side of 4 guide rails, shiftable on any needle position
• Protection system – The machine will automatically alarm if yarn breaking, knots, floating yarn, rewind, end of knitting, fail of racking needle breakage, error programming occur, also set up the safty auto-lock protect device
• Control System – Screen display: adopt 7 inches LCD industrial screen which can be done by key-press and touch, figure interface, input device depends on USB or internet, the system memory can reach to 2G, can input a large of design flies, which can be fetched out for use at any time as per production requirements
• Design system and control software are visual and easy to understand and upgrade
• Clip & Cutter – Including 2 cutter and 4 clip, which individually controlled by 6 motors separately, located the both of needles bed separately
• Comb Device – Choose close “J” type compose needle hook, this special compose hook reliable to pick up yarn or load

Guanki presents Automatic cutting and ring elastic machine

Guanki Sewing Machine has high quality engineers, technicians and complete production lines and parts suppliers, which ensures excellent quality and reach to advanced standard in the world. It is branded with strong technology power and comprehensive ability. The company is represented by SS Trading Inc. in India.

Automatic cutting and ring elastic machine (GLK-X210E-01)


• Stitch formation: Lock stitch
• Stitch Length: 0.05*12.7mm
• Mechanical Configuration: Flat-Bed
• Max. Sewing speed: 2800rpm
• Max. Sewing thickness: 25mm
• Power: 550W
• Overall dimension: 865*515*510mm
• Feed Mechanism: Multiple
• Attributes: Automatic
• Certification: CE/ISO9001/SONCAP

Santex Rimar continues to explore and innovate new finishing techniques

Santex Rimar AG and Sperotto Rimar focus their energies on providing to the industry improved finishing techniques. In the digital age, time is very important – be it delivery right on time, new trends, every theme revolves around time.

With this in mind, few finishing techniques have been developed and improved upon in the past few years.

One such technique is Sanforising of knitted goods – both piece dyed and printed. The technology is in existence since many years, Santex have perfected the technique by analysing the fabric path and placing important devices at the right position, to facilitate the demands of the process. The model SANTASYNPACT 2, is one such development. The innovative fabric path allows the modern finisher to utilise the Sanforiser at a healthy throughput speeds, without compromising on final quality.

Fashion always requests new fabrics with a different effect. One other technique mastered by Sperotto Rimar is the continuing evolution of continuous decatising process under pressure.

Decofast 3.5, totally re-engineered carries new innovation, with the aim to provide a reliable and effective tool in the hands of the modern finisher.

The machine is versatile to treat pure wool, worsted, silk and blends, rayon /synthetic blends, polyester/viscose – circular & warp knit structures, including all variations with elastomeric fibre.

There are very exciting results that can be achieved – all on the run, thus confirming to the demands.

Ecotex Low Liquor ratio HT dyeing machine

EcoTex by Sahai Automation is successfully providing its support for the past 25 years with plenty of satisfied customers in the textile and other industries too. Basically, it started its journey with providing electrical service support for the industries and then grown up to manufacture the dyeing machine with low liquor ratio consumption. It has successfully commissioned both the fully automatic and semi-automatic machine with high efficient output.

Low Liquor ratio HT dyeing machine

• ECX 1400- Fully Auto • Dimensions: L28’ x W22’ X H15’, Capacity: 1400 kg • Running power: less than 30 hp • Liquor ratio: 2.5

Main vessel: • The parts of the machines in contact with the process liquor are manufactured from acid-resistant 316L quality stainless steel • Locking security by pneumatic piston (activates under conditions above 80°C temperature) • Mechanical lock working with vessel internal pressure impact • Observing window with stainless metal grid (high tempered window glass resistant for higher temperature) • LED daylight lighting system inside the main body • Internal main body washing system • Man-hole entrance • Main body pressure release system; pneumatic on/off high pressure release valve • HT drains system (drain under pressure) • Seam detection and cycle control system • Possibility to measure the total water consumption and consumption per kg product

Main winch system: • Main winch system which prevents crease marks and pilling problems by working with minimum slippage • Mechanical seal to avoid leakage • Belt pulley mechanism main winch drive system • Winch top intervention cover • Main winch drive motor • 0-450 m/min inverter controlled speed adjustment

Electro-vario adjustable nozzle system: • Eliminates crease marks and prevents uneven dyeing problems with a maximum penetration for the fabric • Nozzle structure is circular with a diameter of 220 mm • Nozzle adjustment range is 4 – 14 mm. complete adjustment can be done (%0-100% range) • Nozzle adjustment range (0.4 – 1.5) bar g J-Box: • J-Box side walls are perforated stainless steel; bottom side with Teflon sheet mounted • Special designed J-Box system to increase the performance of fabric flow through the front

Main vessel heat exchanger: • Single pass manufactured from 31 6L stainless steel pipe • Heating gradient from 30 °C to 80 °C; for 50 °C temperature increase 0.5 – 5 °C/min (steam pressure 6 bar g) • Condensate return on/off valve • Cooling gradient 0.5 – 3.5 °C/min • Proportional Heating / Cooling valve • Heat-exchanger steam side design pressure: 8.4 bar g (175 °C), process liquid side design pressure: 2.3 bar g (135 °C)

Machine main circulation pump: • Working with low liquor ration with in-line centrifuge type pump • Inverter controlled flow adjustment by AC – 4 pole electrical motor • Mechanical Seal to avoid leakage

Reserve Tank: • Preparing hot water, salty liquid, chemical and dye stuff injection to the machine • Reserve overflow pipe • Additional tank to reserve tank transfer • Reserve tank level control system • Pneumatic on/off valve for transferring from reserve tank to the machine • Reserve tank to additional tank transfer valve

Additional Tank: • Indirect heating • Mixer • Level control system • Dosing function: Graph controlled dosing method • Additional tank to reserve tank transfer

True Colors presents Belt Textile Printer

True Colours Impex is a leading supplier of products and solutions in the field of digital textile industry. Incorporated in 2011, TCI is engaged in textile machinery trading industry. It is working as exclusive representative for world’s leading manufacturing. The company is a leading supplier for sales and services of superior quality of products in the mentioned field. Its strategy is focused on continuously exceeding customer expectation, by providing best quality product & technology to its valued customer. The latest machine name introduced by True Colors is LARK Belt Textile Printer. Following are its features:

• Printer is equipped with 8 Epson dx5 printhead, printhead is very cost effective and it has longer life
• Speed is 1200 mtr/day with 8 colour
• It has well designed degassing system
• High performance and versatile ink delivery system
• It offers huntsman inks with printer to get better quality results on fabric Well-designed blanket washing system
• It has best electronic and software to ensure real time printing and high performance throughout

Grafica presents screen printer with touch screen controls

Grafica Flextronica is manufacturer and exporter of screen printing machines, screen making equipment and all types of industrial dryers for textile, industrial, commercial and graphics applications. The company has been continuously innovating in screen printing industry since 30 years.

Grafica’s Nano-print 1015 with touch screen controls

Nano-Print is a semi-automatic screen printing machine for every screen printer across the globe. Print area 10” x 15” (25 x 38 cms).

Technical features:

• Microprocessor with touch screen controls
• High quality electrical and electronic components
• AC Motor of Class “F” Insulation
• VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for precise speed control
• Imported geared motor (lifetime lubricated)
• High quality steel fabrication
• High quality pressure die-cast aluminum parts
• Hard anodized aluminum extrusions
• All moving parts hardened for longer life
• Honey comb vacuum bed with stainless steel top
• Zero backlash precision micrometer for vacuum bed movement to get accurate registration
• Compact powerful vacuum blower to hold substrate firmly while printing
• Squeegee head motion on precision imported guide rails
• Imported timing belt for squeegee head movement
• Independent squeegee and flood bar pressure control
• Aluminum extruded squeegee holder
• Aluminum extruded flood bar to print consistent halftones thus reduces ink deposition
• Hard nickel plated metal parts to avoid corrosion
• Hardened cams and shafts to increase life of machine thus reduces ear and tear
• Foot switch for easy operation
• Auto mode to bypass foot switch
• Safety bars to avoid accident
• High safety standards

Nano-print advantages:

• Single phase (plug n play)
• No expensive air compressor required
• Reduces manpower
• Minimum maintenance
• Minimum settings
• Quick job changeover, faster production
• No hidden cost, it’s fully featured
• Lower squeegee rubber cost (8 x 30 mm)
• Requires less space 2.7’ x 2.35’= approx. 6.3 sq. ft.
• Screen frame holder compatible with aluminum, metal & wooden frames
• Print with any types of solvent, plastisol and UV inks
• Minimum investment, faster returns
• Electrical consumption (Rs. 5 / Hr / Mumbai) = Rs. 40/Shift = Cheaper than helpers salary
• Nonstop speed 1,550/per hour

Direct Textile Printer by Negi Sign Systems

Negi Sign Systems & Supplies Co, home of the India’s only specialist distribution company for wide format printing industry with high quality large format printers, software’s, consumables and pre & post solutions since 1995.

Negijet TX series Direct Textile Printer R-1900 | R-2200 | R-3300

The top quality textile printing system innovated with uncompromising passion

Designed especially for high-quality, high-productivity and highperformance, the Negijet Textile Printers opens a new possibility of Textile printing with state-of-arts digital technology and customerfocused approach of daily smooth operations and reliable printing. The Printer Series is the solution for customers who are in need of high image quality, low running cost and user friendliness in order to survive intense competitive market of textiles.

Feature and advantages:

• Powered by: Ricoh Gen5 Variable Dot Print heads 8 Print heads and 12 print heads
• Speeds: In 8 colours Upto 65 Sq.m/hr – 8 heads Upto 100 Sq.m/hr – 12 heads
• Width Available:1900mm / 2200mm / 3300mm
• Resolution: 300 dpi / 1200 dpi with Variable Drop 7pl / 14 pl /21 pl
• 8 Colours: CMYK + Red, Orange, Grey and Blue
• 4 types of inks to choose: Reactive, Disperse, Acid or Pigment
• Equipped with best designed: Belt-transporting System, with Auto Brush & Sponge Roller Washing System
• NeoStampa: Bundled with professional textile RIP software for better colour reproduction and print quality

High production dye-sublimation printer by MUTOH

MUTOH Industries Ltd. from Japan leverages the knowhow developed over long years of manufacturing experience, while continuing to focus on its core products of large-format inkjet printers, and promoting systematic enhancement with the aim of delivering highly cost-effective products and services that meet the needs of customers.

MUTOH VJ-1948WX (ValueJet made in Japan) Open a new era of high production dye-sublimation printing


• Staggered 4-printhead setup: Staggered 4-printhead setup enables high-speed printing and improved productivity. The VJ-1948WX achieves a maximum print speed of 1,263sqft  (117.3m^2)* per hour.

• Built-in large dual heaters: Built-in large dual heaters provide fast dry times for increased production speeds. The large dual heaters are incorporated on the rear side of the front paper guide. Each heater’s temperature can be set from the control panel individually, and can be checked or changed anytime without interrupting the printing operation.

• Designed with advanced features: A pressure roller hold down system is equipped in both the front and rear side of the printer, and ensures easy handling by the manual lever from either of two locations. There are two pressure settings “standard” and “strong”. The pressure rollers can be raised up and down individually even when printing on thin transfer paper to avoid any wrinkles. An optional feed and take-up system maintains stable media transportation.

• MUTOH’S original dye-sublimation ink: MUTOH’S original dye-sublimation ink in 4 (K,C,M,Y) and 8 colours (K,C,M,Y, Lc, Lm, Lk, LLLk) deliver optimum print quality and wide colour gamut. Large capacity ink bags support prolonged continuous printing.

• The ValueJet Status Monitor (VSM); Offered remote monitoring for MUTOH printers: The VSM helps MUTOH printers to maximize performance, and streamline your workflow. A feature of the VSM, the ValueJet Print Server (VPS) effects high-speed and stable printing

Screen printing machine by Walz

For over 30 years satisfied customers worldwide have put their confidence in Heinz Walz GmbH for their printing, flocking and embroidery needs. The company is represented by Treika Innovtions. One of the latest innovations by the company is VARIprint 2002 EX Screen printing machine. Given below are its features:

• Stations – 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 / 24 / 26
• Colours – Up to 18 colours maximum
• Print area – Single index machine up to 16 stations: 600 x 800 mm (23.6” x 31.49”), Single index machine up to 18 stations: 500 x 800 mm (19.68” x 31.49”), Single Index: 20 to 26, 450 x 700 mm (18” x 28”), Double index: 1.100 x 800 mm (43.30” x 31.49”)
• Registration – ± 2.025mm
• Pallets – Aluminium sandwich pallets to avoid heat storage and to enable a fast and precise rotation movement. Easy to mount through a central holding screw
• Maximum sizes – Lateral loading up to 18 stations: 620 x 1.000 mm (24.40” x 39.37”), 20 to 26 stations: 600 x 900 mm (24” x 35”), Double index: 1.200 x 950 mm (42.24” x 37.40”), Frontal loading up to 16 stations: 610 x 1.000 mm (24” x 39.37”), Frontal loading 18 stations: 540 x 1.000 mm (21.25” x 39.37”), Custom made, any size and shape possible
• Frame holder – Four points screen off contact mechanical adjustment and automatic central off contact of 0 to 5 mm in 0.5 mm increments. Pneumatic screen clamping system to hold screen frames up to 40 x 40 mm (1.57” x 1.57”). Also suitable for roller frames without clamp adapter. Fine adjustment for accurate screen positioning
• Maximum sizes – Lateral loading up to 16 stations: 730 x 1.250 mm (28.74” x 49.21”), Double index: 1.200 x 1.250 mm (47.24” x 49.21”), Lateral Loading 18 stations: 650 x 1.250 mm (25.59” x 49.21”), Double index: 1.200 x 1.250 mm (47.24” 49.21”), Frontal loading up to 16 stations: 720 x 1.360 mm (28.34” x 53.54”), Frontal loading 18 stations: 650 x 1.360 mm (25.59” x 53.54”)
• Squeegees – Electrically driven squeegee, Independent print / flood speed control on each head, Independent squeegee print / flood pressure adjustment with air pressure gauge, Independent squeegee print / flood angle setting, stroke length is adjustable to maximize print speed

• Printing station – Swivelling printing arm for easy access to the screen, and possibility to insert a flash cure in any printing station, Through a membrane keypad on each station possibility to activate all functions: rotation right / left / half index. Lift up and down. Squeegee back and forth, up and down. Lock / unlock frame.
• Control centre – Touch screen control panel offers an easy navigation in more than 12 languages. Six independent printing programs available of which two allowing to leave the screen flooded after each print, particularly useful for water based inks. Each station can be individually and independently configured with any of the available programs and print / flood strokes set to up 9 strokes. Load and unload programme enables to start and stop the print stations and proper sequence when starting finishing the printing process. Printing automatic or through a foot pedal, one impulse, one print. Sample function. Production monitoring: Actual print, total print. Average production per hour
• Rotation – Electric, Servo Driven, Bi-directional, Single index, double index and half index function, Free wheel capability
• Lift – Electric Servo driven, Off contract adjustable through the control panel. Off contact of 0 to 5 mm (0.20”) adjustable in 0.5 mm increments.
• Electrical requirement – 400V, 50 cycles, 12kw / 16 amp maximum
• Air requirement – Per print station: 8 bar, 3 m3/h

AFFORD® Textile screen inks

AFFORD® produces a complete range of solutions for the textile industry. Whether it is for promotional T-shirt printing for fashion textile printing AFFORD® manufactures the products that are needed for promotional printing which requires cost effective solutions that will render brilliant colours with good washing fastness that preserve the image of your brand.


60 Series (Textile inks)

• Type: PVC free and phthalate free plastisol
• Applications: Fashion clothes, child clothes
• Remark: It fulfils OEKO passport standards
• 26 shades

62 Series (Textile inks)

• Type: Plastisol
• Applications: Phihalate free clothes printing
• Remarks: Many additives to special effects
• 29 shades


63 Series (Textile inks)

• Type: Water-based sublimation
• Application: Paper printing to transfer onto 100 per cent polyester fabrics
• Remark: Process colours only
• 4 shades

Water based inks

64 Series (Textile inks)

• Type: Water-based
• Application: 100 per cent cotton fabrics light colours
• Remark: Poor opacity, excellent no-feel touch
• 21 shades

Super-industrial, next-generation DTG printing platform by Kornit

Kornit Digital, a global market leader in digital textile printing innovation, has announced the introduction of the Kornit Atlas. Following the success of Kornit’s Storm HD6 and Avalanche HD6 / HDK, the Atlas is the first instance of the company’s nextgeneration direct-to-garment printing platform, providing garment decorators and screen printers a unique tool for mastering the current and future challenges of the textile supply chain.

The Kornit Atlas is a heavy-duty system created for superindustrial garment decoration businesses. It was designed to deliver a typical annual production capacity of up to 350,000 impressions, optimizing production efficiency and cost of ownership. The Kornit Atlas is aimed at highly productive garment decorators, mid to large size screen printers and innovative businesses looking to combine state-of-the art technology with lowest cost of ownership. The system is equipped with new recirculating print heads and comes with a newly developed ink, NeoPigment™ Eco-Rapid. The Kornit Atlas is equipped with a unique printing engine, featuring an enhanced version of Kornit’s HD technology, complemented by a professional RIP (raster image processing) software solution, and produces prints that meet the highest standards of retail quality and durability. The all-new Atlas comes ready for Kornit’s future releases of its cloud-based business intelligence, productivity analytics and optimization software platforms, scheduled to be released in the second half of 2019. It will allow for easy future network connectivity required to support fleet management and optimization of global multi-systems and multi-site enterprises.

Omer Kulka, Kornit’s VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, comments, “This is a huge leap forward, not only for Kornit, but also for the direct-to-garment industry as a whole. We have delivered the Atlas on the collective feedback of thousands of Kornit systems’ operators and on the experience collected from hundreds of millions of printed garments – simply put, the Atlas is the best and most cost-efficient direct-to-garment printing technology for high-quantity and high-quality production requirements. On top of that, the Atlas has been designed in a modular and futureready way, driving quick and easy implementation of new developments in the future. At Kornit, we remain focused on constantly introducing technology that allows the industry’s leading brands to better connect with their customers and to adapt to the rapid changes in consumer preferences, impacting the fashion and apparel industry and are driven by the talent in our global research and development division.”

The new NeoPigment™ Eco-Rapid ink is a main driver of the Atlas’ retail quality prints. It provides an industry-leading white ink opacity, matched to those of conventional screen inks, and meets highest durability standards on multiple fabric types. Its increased colour gamut and saturation allow for deep full tones and precise spot colour matching. The new ink has been developed with sustainability in mind, carries the Oeko-Tex Eco- Passport certification and is GOTS pre-approved. The new Eco- Rapid ink will be integrated with new Storm HD6 and Avalanche HD6 / HDK systems and will also be retrofitted to existing Kornit HD systems. Kornit intends to switch all existing HD customers to NeoPigment™ Eco-Rapid during the year 2019.

The launch of the Atlas completes an extensive period of beta testing, with extremely positive feedback from early adopters. Deborah H. Merrill, President of the Delta Group, parent company of DTG2Go, comments, “Many of the Kornit Atlas’ innovative capabilities, including the wrinkle detection and pallet ergonomics, present clear productivity benefits. The new Eco-Rapid ink provides impressive brilliance and color gamut, meeting all wash test standards with no discernible scent. We are glad we had the opportunity to beta-test the Kornit Atlas and are certain it will become a key component within DTG2Go’s production line.”

Jon Lunt, Co-Founder and Director at T Shirt & Sons, adds, “Using the Atlas, T Shirt and Sons achieved a significant boost in garment decoration production through the peak holiday season. In several weeks of rigorous testing in a high-volume production environment, the Kornit Atlas – with its new Eco-Rapid ink set – was a revelation, doubling our output with very high-quality prints and the reliability this high-pressure season demanded”.

Latest embroidery solutions by Tajima

Tajima is one of the leading manufacturers of top quality embroidery machines on the international market. Embroidery machines released under the TAJIMA brand are exported to over 100 nations throughout the world. Its multi-head embroidery machines, our most prominent products, offer automatic multicolour embroidery and are highly acclaimed by the customers throughout the world as excellent machines incomparable to others. The company is represented by Unity Overseas.

Multi Cording Device

The multi cording device is the first of its kind in the industry to expand the possibility of embroidering 6 various types of cords.


• Obtain a soft and fluffy feeling by using textured cord materials.
• You can make both “Cording embroidery” and “Looping embroidery”
• The finish is soft and fluffy, the secret is: A soft and fluffy finish is created by the newly developed digitally-controlled presser foot. The height can be controlled according to the thickness/type of materials used. Therefore, your finish will always be to your expectations

• Cording and looping embroidery: You can make regular cording embroidery, and also fluffy looping embroidery
• Regular embroidery: You can run the cord individually; you can also leave the device on the machine while running regular embroidery by simply changing the presser foot

Auto Colour Changing Seed Beads Embroidery Device

• Intricate, versatile bead embroidery pioneering automated production: Uniform quality and mass production can be realised by shifting from manual processing to automation. Maximum rotating speed: 800 rpm
• Variety of combination with embroidery wider range of choices: Multi colour bead combination with embroidery can realize versatile expression
• Adoption of the beads tape reel allows the reels to be readily exchanged smooth management of materials: The newly developed Beads Tape Reel can be easily exchanged in the middle of stitching according to the design. Three or four different colours of beads can be used in the same design
• Simple operation good for machine mass production: Control of bead feeding and raising the device via the opera simple operation panel easy threading and fabric replacement

T-Shirt and Sweater printers from Aura Designs

Aura Designs Ltd is the latest trendsetter in the digital textile printing technology arena. The company formed by a group of technocrats with more than two decades of wide and varied experience across textile and apparel sectors, aims to change the dynamics of the market. It is striving to bring the best hardware and software technologies together and integrating the same in its product portfolio. This has helped the company to launch state-of the-art, cutting edge products aimed at delivering higher outputs at lower costs thereby providing higher optimisation levels.

Today, the biggest challenge faced by DTG printers is the white ink itself. The white ink always causes problems for print head clogging and consistency of prints. The cost of digital white inks also makes it more expensive for the operational cost. The smaller printer available in markets does not give enough production and the bigger ones are too expensive and complicated to operate. To overcome all these issues; the company came up with “Smart Series of T-shirt Printers.” This printer is a perfect solution for printing on T-shirts / Panels with pigment inks. It works on white, light, as well as dark base.

Aura Smart T-shirt Printer combines the format of screen and digital printing; reducing printing cost and making use of white ink possible by screen. “Smart” uses a special software and sensor technology which makes the registration easy and can print multiple copies without ripping the designs again and again.

The printer has a speed of printing 80-140 T- shirts/hr and till day, more than 200 such machines have been installed worldwide. Some of its main features are: • Print on light / dark garments • Production: 80 to 140 T-shirts / hour • Fine printing | Brilliant colours • 2X EPSON 5113 Gold generation print heads • White / Glitter, etc. done by screen printing • printing width of the printer: 145 cm • Standard printing table length: 6 mtr (Options available for 9, 12, 15 or 18 mtr) • Glass table / pallets & computer to be provided locally by the customer • Pre-treatment: Not required • White inks are first printed via screen and then CMYK via digital. White ink used is wet on wet • Post-treatment: Heat fixing thru tunnel heater/heat curing box

Another major introduction by the company is Aura Grand Sweater Printer. The printer could be installed with low Investment and has low maintenance cost with no limitation of colours. Given are some of its main features:

• Printing on cuffs & collars / ribs • 180 x 260 cm working width • 4X gold generation Epson print heads • 8 colours • Strong Rip • Easy registration • Robust designs.

Blue Jade Texink presents Freedom printer

Blue Jade Texink Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing water-based inkjet dye ink manufacturer in India by applying state-of-art technology and equipments in producing sublimation, reactive and disperse inks for Epson, Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Spectra print heads. As a fast-growing company focusing on textile industry, one of its mission is to help new customers to start digital textile printing with comprehensive support, including quality entry-level printers, inks and other consumption medias, pre- and post-treatment chemicals, and engineer training service.

Bluejade – Freedom S1210 6 colour printer

•Max printing width: 1600mm
• Printing speed: Production: 32 sqm/h; Very high resolution: 40 sqm/h
• Print Head: Model: EPSON Dx6 Quantity: 3 Print Head Height: 2.8mm-3.2mm Print Head clean: Negative pressure pumping Max printing width: 720 *2400
• Ink: Type: Sublimation Ink; Colour: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, Blue; Capacity: 1L; Ink supply system: External Ink supply system
• Media: Maximum weight: 100KG; Type: Transfer Paper
• System: Operating system: Windows xp/7/8/10, 64 bit systems and high-speed USB2.0 interface
• Drying system: External drying fan
• Language: Chinese/English
• Print Interface: USB interface
• Working environment: Temperature: 18-24°C Humidity: 40 per cent-70 per cent RH keep the cleaning and dust free condition
• Power supply: 220V 50HZ
• Power (W): 2.1 KW
• Machine Dimension: 2570*700*1350
• Package Dimension: 2770*960*700
• Package Weight: 250KG

Roland unveils new direct-to-garment printer ‘VersaSTUDIO BT-12’

Roland, a manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and 3D devices, has launched the VersaSTUDIO BT-12 desktop direct-to-garment printer for printing directly on cotton-based products. Built for on-demand personalisation, the BT-12 is ideal for businesses looking for new revenue opportunities by offering an engaging in-store experience for the customers.

The BT-12 is an easy-to-use A4 size printer that allows printing directly on cotton substrates. You can print full colour graphics including photos, logos, and text on a variety of products, such as t-shirts, tote bags and interior decoration items. Its compact size and affordable pricing allow businesses to offer personalisation services with a low initial investment and in locations where space is limited, including shopping malls, kiosks, apparel stores, hotel gift shops and tourist destinations, or even at events, Roland said.

When combined with cotodesign, an optional design and print management software recently announced, the BT-12 can become a complete design, order and print management solution to open new business opportunities and increase foot traffic at retail locations. Cotodesign also supports additional Roland DG devices allowing businesses to use it for a wide variety of applications and events.

The BT-12 is affordably priced, allowing businesses to explore new opportunities with very low initial investment. Capable of producing a product from start to finish in as little as 10 minutes, the BT-12 is designed for ultimate ease of use and can be operated by virtually anyone with minimal training. Cassettes are used for holding the items for printing and finishing ensuring the safety of operators and customers.

With dimensions of 399mm (W) x 760mm (D), the printer unit requires very little space. The optional finishing equipment has been designed to be stacked with the printer unit. This clever design dramatically reduces the installation space that is typically required for a traditional direct-to-garment printer and finishing unit combination allowing businesses to install the BT-12 in retail locations and event venues with very limited area.

The BT-12 is bundled with easy-to-use Roland Design Software. With an intuitive user interface, anyone can create unique designs with minimal training. In addition to the BT-12, the optional cotodesign software also supports the VersaSTUDIO BN-20 printer/cutter, the VersaUV LEF Series UV LED printer, which is widely popular for the production of promotional and oneoff personalised products, and the LD- 80 digital foil printer. These solutions not only help to add value to merchandise, but also provide customers with a rewarding new shopping experience, which can help build store traffic as well as become a popular topic of conversation on social media.

GTX direct to garment printer by Brother

As a pioneer in direct to garment printing, Brother always seeks to bring new features and advanced technology to an industry the demands to be on the cutting edge. That’s why screen printers, embroidery shops, fashion designers, online fulfillment companies and many other types of business rely on Brother to expand their markets with unique customized products creating new revenue streams. Given are the features of latest Brother GTX printer:

• Print faster than ever before: With brother accelerated next generation print heads that put you in front of your competition
• Get the precision you’ve always wanted: Now you never have to sacrifice print quality for speed as GTX prints at 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi. This is combined with our cutting edge Innobells Textile inks that allow you to incorporate a wider colour gamut than our previous inks for amazing clarity
• Never limit your prints: GTX is more than just a T-shirt printer, its optional versatile platens and large gap to substrate allows you to print over seams, across zippers, on pockets and more, allowing you to expand your product offering
• Print bigger with optional platens: GTX has the largest print area of any Brother DTG printer ever with a maximum print size of 406mm x 533mm (16” x 21 “)
• Less maintenance period: Both its wet capping station and white ink circulation system are now automatic, minimizing clogged nozzles. This along with a few other new features helps reduce maintenance costs
• Environmentally friendly: Its newly formulated inks are water based with Okeo-Tex Eco-Passport certified. Scored 4.0 or higher on AATCC wash test, proving that they are durable and washable

Amith Garments presents Digital Pick Counter

Amith Garments is introducing a new product called Digital Pick Counter. This instrument helps to study construction of textile fabrics used in garment making. It is useful tool for casting of garments/fabrics manufacturing & Quality Control.


• For fast, convenient and accurate determination of the thread density of woven and knitted fabrics as well as wire meshes
• Very handy size and able to determine even high thread density. Computer and printer connecting option available
• The measuring range of 8 – 300 threads/cm (20 – 762 threads/in) makes it possible to measure most fabrics with a regular pattern
• The instrument can be connected to a PC. With the evaluation program FX 3250-II EVA, test results can be transferred to a PC and a test report can be generated
• The handy pocket size, the low weight and the battery operation allow for flexible use, in and outside the laboratory

Technical Specifications of FX 3250 PickCounter II

• Measuring range: 8 – 300 threads/cm (20 – 762 threads/in)
• Limited measuring ranges divided into 25 overlapping subranges
• Units of measure: 1/cm and 1/in
• Measuring accuracy: Better than ± 1 % of the displayed value *
• Test modes: “STD“ standard test mode
• “WAL” for wales in knitwear
• “DBL” for double-faced and double-pick fabrics, and 2/2 twills
• “R=5” for fabrics with a repeat of 5
• Test length: 29 mm (1.1 in)
• Computing time: Less than 1 second
• Data port: USB 2.0 (Mini-B-connector)
• Power requirements: 2 batteries or rechargeable batteries 1.5 V, size AA
• or external power supply via USB port
• Battery life time: Approx. 1,500 tests
• Dimensions (w x d x h): 66 x 32 x 128 mm (2.6 x 1.25 x 5 in)
• Weight: 200 g (7 oz.

Faster embroidery solution by Wilcom

In 1979 Wilcom’s founders shared a vision for automating the embroidery industry that has changed the way people create and produce embroidered goods. A global organization headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company has led the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity in personalized expressions and apparel decoration. With a reputation for excellence, Wilcom has become the world’s favourite embroidery software for quality, productivity, ease-ofuse and service.

The latest innovation by the company is Wilcom Embroidery Studio e4.2, which has following features:

• 64-bit support, making it faster and more reliable
• Large design thumbnails that generate instantly
• Ability to open and save designs up to 6 times faster
• Ability to open endless large images, limited only by your RAM

SHENG High Speed Embroidery Machine

The “SHENG” brand High Speed Embroidery Machine is the latest technology by the company. In India, SSS Machines Services from Tirupur represents the SHENG brand. Given are the major features of its new high speed embroidery machine.

Major features:

• Max speed: 1100rpm
• 5 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, touch LCD monitor in valid
• 6/9/12/15 needles (colours)
• Main motor: Servo motor
• X.Y Servo motor
• Automatic upper/under thread trimmers
• Supporting high-speed sequin device
• Double CAM head
• Adopt jumping stepping motor
• Liner guide rail
• High-Performance Auto lubricating system
• New frame driving
• Upper Thread Holding System
• Noise Reduce system

Computerised Dual Hi-Speed Embroidery Chenille machine by Golden Falcon

Golden falcon (l) Pvt. Ltd. is a unique and pioneering organization committed for excellence in technology. It is one of the pioneering organization in sales and service of computerised embroidery machine, computerised flat knitting machines, circular knitting machines, pearl / stone fixing machines, laser cutting machines, socks knitting machines, legging knitting machines and weaving machines.

YUAN Falcon Multi head computerised Dual Hi-Speed Embroidery Chenille with four colours Sequin Machine

• High speed 1200 RPM
• Linear guide system for X Y
• All servo motors
• Micro linear guide for head rail
• Accurate embroidery effect and better embroidery quality
• Double CAM with jump motor
• Auto thread holding systems
• Bridge body, Anti vibration structure
• Auto lubrication & auto cleaning chenille heads
• Under thread cutter by motor
• Upper thread holding solenoid by Korea
• Trimming controlled by stepping motor
• Low noise, low maintenance, low thread breaking & longer duration

Ramsons presents technologies in keeping with today’s requirements of sustainability

Ramsons a brand from over 30 years known for its innovative cutting edge technology will present new technologies in keeping with today’s requirements of sustainability at the GTE 19. Its mission is to save water, energy, chemical and increase automization. Some of the new products include:


• The machine is provided with spray nozzles, which will be placed in front loading washing / dyeing machines
• Only apply the required product along with water, which completely absorbed by garment resulting in huge savings of water and products
• Fully automatic operation controlled by PLC. Timing and flow rate can be controlled as per the requirement of the fabric/ garment
• This unit can be connected to existing washing / dyeing machines


• Low liquor ratio Vertostar 7.7 with jet spray /Sprinkler technology for garment /denim washing and dyeing with liquor ratios as low as 1:3
• Ramsons Vertostar Series uses a state-of-the-art Dual Drainage System that enables the reuse of effluent and can reduce the size of the ETP while reducing the overall cycle time.
• Some of the optional features in these machines are:
• Jet spray technology (recycling of water)
• De-stoner attachment (easier removal of pumice stones)
• Controlled heating & cooling (for uniform dyeing)
• Filtration unit
• Colour kitchen and many other features

Conveyorized Dryer

• Conversed Line drying that utilizes the atmospheric energy and saves drying time by over 85 per cent
• Ramsons would also like to introduce “Sustainable Drying System” called Conveyorized Dryer
• This system takes 85 per cent less energy than standard tumble drying system
• Also it helps you to avoid problems like Back staining, Lycra Damage or Garment DE shape etc.

Automatic Robotic Spray

Robotic spray booths, curing ovens that work on gas in the dry process area to save on energy. Ramsons “YANTRAMAN” Automatic Robotic Spray machine designed for PP spray process on denim trousers. It has a Robot fitted with a spray unit and the machine has 2 trouser Mannequins for continuous operation. Fully Enclosed cabinet with Exhaust blower and filter unit system for compliance and ease of working

• High production with better consistency
• Less dependency on skilled operators hence better productivity
• Totally enclosed cabinet no pollution or suffocation in the working area.
• User friendly programming and easy operation of the robot
• Can be customized with different configuration as per customer requirement

Knit-o-matic auto pressing equipment and low energy high vacuum boards in the garment finishing area in our Joint Venture Ramsons-Veit with Ms Veit of Germany